Hopes fade for Norway’s Euro2020 bid

Norway’s hopes of a direct qualification for next year’s European Championships in men’s football were dashed Tuesday night, when they failed to beat Romania. They ended up with a tie, though, meaning the dream hasn’t died completely. “We just have to focus on our last two matches,” Lars Lagerbäck, the popular coach of the resurgent […]

Norwegian football team redeems itself

A packed stadium of cheering fans on home turf in Oslo, combined with revived skills and spirits, helped Norway’s national men’s football team fend off another victory by Spain’s squad during the weekend. The Norwegians need “more magical moments,” however, if they’re to win a spot in the next European Championships . They held off […]

Norway hangs on to Euro2020 hopes

After beating Malta and tying with Sweden over the weekend, Norway’s national men’s football team isn’t giving up hopes of qualifying for the European Championships next year (Euro2020). Norway is currently, however, only in fourth place in its qualifying group that’s topped by powerhouse Spain. “We’re still in the game,” claimed Norwegian captain Stefan Johansen, […]

Solskjær vs Solskjær made papa proud

Ole Gunnar Solskjær, the Norwegian coach of the legendary Manchester United football club, got to see his own teenage son make his professional debut, as a rival at home in Norway Tuesday night. The 19-year-old Noah Solskjær plays for the family’s hometown club in Kristiansund, which faced off against Manchester United in a training match […]

Football women proud despite loss

Norwegian football fans and their national women’s football team are out of the World Cup after England all but rolled over them Thursday night. They’re still proud of making it into the quarter-finals after lots of earlier conflicts, and playing well as a united team. “This is absolutely no fiasco,” one of Norway’s star players, […]

Norway prepares to beat England

Norway’s women’s national football team lived up to their motto of being “stronger together” once again over the weekend. After making it into the quarter-finals at the World Cup in France, they’re now preparing to face England, motivated by revenge. “We have talked about revenge already,” player Ingrid Syrstad Engen told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) after […]

Football star hopes for quick recovery

Caroline Graham Hansen scored the first of two winning goals for Norway’s women’s national football team at the World Cup in France Monday night, only to injure her ankle after a collision with a South Korean opponent. Now she, the rest of the team and thousands of Norwegian fans are hoping for a quick recovery. […]

Coach proud after French thriller

Norway’s national women’s football team held off the heavily favoured French team through the first half of their second World Cup match Wednesday night, and lost 2-1 on a penalty kick. Coach Martin Sjögren was nonetheless “extremely proud” of his team’s performance. “We managed to perform in a very good manner,” Sjögren told state broadcaster […]

Norway narrowly defeats Færø Islands

Norway’s men’s national football redeemed itself somewhat with a 2-0 victory over the Færø Islands Monday night, but head coach Lars Lagerbäck was not impressed, calling the match one of the “weakest” during his tenure. “I don’t know where I should begin,” a frustrated Lagerbäck told reporters when Norway’s latest qualifier for the European Championships […]

Nowegian men lost their defense

Norway’s men’s national football team was kicking itself after letting a 2-0 advantage disappear into a 2-2 tie against Romania on home turf at Ullevaal Stadiun in Oslo heading into the weekend. They thus lost a valuable chance in the latest round of qualifiers for the European Championships. “We haven’t learned,” upset player Joshua King […]