Sanctions imposed against Norwegian charged with terrorism

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A committee of the UN Security Council has, as expected, imposed sanctions against a group of Islamic extremists, among them the 35-year-old Norwegian man from Nesodden who’s suspected of having undergone training by terrorist organization Al-Qaida in Yemen.

He was placed on the US list of terror suspects earlier this year and is still believed to be in Yemen. Neither his family nor former friends have heard from him since he left Norway several years ago after converting to Islam.

Now he and 13 other terror suspects have been blacklisted by the UN at the request of the US and France. Sanctions imposed against him include a global ban on travel and a freeze on his bank accounts. The other extremists hit by the UN sanctions are from France, Saudi Arabia, Senegal and Kuwait.

Norway’s police intelligence unit PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste) confirmed last summer that it had charged the man and issued an international warrant for his arrest. He’s believed to be capable of making bombs and, as a young man with Nordic features, was suspected of being used by Al-Qaida to carry out terrorist attacks on western targets. staff