‘Halloween killer’ won’t be released

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A young Norwegian man who suddenly stabbed and killed a friend and nearly killed another at a Halloween party in Oslo in 2011 won’t be released from mandatory psychiatric treatment after all.

He was committed to a psychiatric hospital in Drammen after his bloody rampage three years ago and was declared to have been psychotic at the time. Doctors recently declared he was no longer psychotic, however, and thus well enough to be released.

Prosecutors disagreed and contested his pending release in court. They argued, backed by other court-appointed psychiatrists, that he was vulnerable to a psychotic relapse, and thus still posed a threat to society.

Now the court in Drammen has ruled that he must continue treatment. The prospect that a man who brutally stabbed friends and himself could go free after just over three years in custody had raised concern, and new laws are pending that would continue confinement in such cases.

newsinenglish.no staff