Bible quotes on the bus

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Norway’s Christian organization that translates, produces and distributes the Bible (Bibelselskapet) has opted for a novel way of celebrating its 200th anniversary this year. In a literal attempt to spread the Bible’s words of wisdom, sayings from it will soon pervade Oslo’s entire public transport system.

The goal, the organization’s group candidly claims, is to make sure that no one riding a bus, tram or metro in Oslo later this month will avoid reading some well-known Bible phrases, like “love your enemy.”

“We want to set the Bible free among the public,” Ingeborg Mongstad-Kvammen, secretary general of Bibelselslapet, told newspaper Vårt Land. “We simply hope that this can inspire more people to read the Bible, and use it in daily life.”

She said the group was unsure what kind of reaction they’ll get when Bible sayings adorn not only city buses but also trams and the city’s metro system, inside as well as outside. The campaign will coincide with the group’s bicentennial celebrations May 26-29. staff