E18 highway victory sets off new fights

After decades of political quarreling, construction is finally cleared to start on expansion of the heavily trafficked E18 highway west of Oslo. A decision by the local Viken County council to guarantee financial support set off new political battles, however, also within the Labour Party. Viken leader Tonje Brenna ended up sacrificing her Labour-led council […]

El-scooter operators vow to end chaos

Six operators of the highly controversial electric scooters in Oslo have promised to work together to address issues that have made the scooters a nuisance on city streets. Street patrols, lower speeds, a campaign to get users to be more considerate, and better parking facilities are among measures discussed at a meeting with Transport Minister […]

El-scooters overrun summer in the city

They seem to be everywhere again, rolling out of control in Norwegian cities and then literally being dumped on sidewalks, in parks and even in people’s yards. Local politicians are being accused of shirking responsibility for regulating the popular electric scooters as complaints rise. Now even one of the biggest players in Oslo, Voi, is […]

Political quarrels stall highway project

Officials from the state, the city of Oslo and the huge new county of Viken have given up on any agreement over expansion and improvements to the main E18 highway west of the Norwegian capital. No one seems to know what will happen now. Financing for the project, which has grown considerably in size and […]

Millions earmarked for roadwork

The state plans to both repair roads and stimulate the economy by earmarking another NOK 600 million (USD 57 million) for projects to be spread evenly throughout the country. Transport Minister Knut Arild Hareide of the Christian Democrats told state broadcaster NRK this week that the state highway department (Statens vegvesen) had settled on NOK 188 […]

Ferry fare uproar pits locals vs state

Ferries, an integral part of transportion along Norway’s vast coastline, are suddenly at the center of a new nationwide uproar. It surged when ferry fares spiked after New Year, and now several large counties have banded together to mount the latest major challenge to the country’s conservative government coalition. The ferry uproar has been compared […]

Politician caught in ticket control

There seems to be no end to the challenges facing Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre. As his party struggles in the polls, the top Norwegian politician himself was struggling Thursday morning to explain why he hadn’t paid for his ticket on Oslo’s metro system. Støre was on his way to work at the Parliament, where […]

Train passengers hope for a new era

The trains and tracks were the same, but British-owned railway company Go-Ahead Nordic made history over the weekend as the first foreign operator to start rolling on Norwegian rails. State officials and not least passengers hope it will lead to a new era of train travel in Norway after decades of disappointing service. When Go-Ahead’s […]

Railway’s boss opts to derail

Geir Isaksen has been one of the most unpopular executives in Norway this past year. After turning 65 this fall, he claims, it was time to ask the board of the state railway to find a new boss. “This is not very surprising, given his age and all the changes and restructuring lately,” responded the […]

Political strike halts trains nationwide

Railway employees all over Norway walked off the job for two hours on Thursday, to protest implementation of the latest package of EU rules and requirements. The strike not only brought all train traffic to a standstill but was also expected to lead to cancellations and delays throughout the day. Members of employees’ organizations Norsk Lokomotiv-mannsforbund […]