El-scooter chaos all summer long

There are now an estimated 30,000 electric scooters zipping along on Oslo’s streets and sidewalks, scaring pedestrians and causing a new rash of serious injuries. City officials now claim they’ll ban the scooters from operating after 11pm from September, in an effort to keep drunk riders from injuring themselves and others, but fear chaos through […]

Car holidays send pump prices up

Norway’s notoriously high prices for petrol at the pump have spiked again, to nearly NOK 20 per liter in some areas, or around USD 9 a gallon. The fuel price rise is raising eyebrows as well, as Norwegians hit the road for holidays at home during another Corona summer. Prices for the lowest grades of […]

More rules loom for electric scooters

UPDATED: New state laws will give local communities more rights to regulate the availability and use of electric scooters that have sparked chaos in towns and cities all over Norway. From July 1, they’ll be able to set up parking signs, enforce speed limits and further reduce use of the popular but problematic scooters this […]

New scooter rules raise questions

New traffic rules for electric scooters went into effect Tuesday. They set speed limits, ban passengers and restrict parking, but questions are already flying over how they’ll be enforced. The goal is to eliminate the chaos and even danger that rolled into Norwegian cities when the scooters, called elsparksykler, first started being placed around town […]

State finally cracks down on scooters

A majority in Parliament is ready to agree on a new law that will give local governments more power to regulate both the rental and use of electric scooters in Norway. They’re both loved and hated, but soon both scooter suppliers and users can be held responsible for the dangers they pose. City officials in […]

Work begins on new metro line

Construction crews began work Friday on the long-awaited rail line that will connect Oslo’s popular metro service (T-bane) with Fornebu, site of Oslo’s old airport west of the city. The airport shut down in October 1998 and the area has since been redeveloped as a sprawling community of homes, offices, shopping centers and parks. The […]

State finally tries to rein in el-scooters

After nearly two years of urban chaos, Norway’s transport ministry is finally proposing some new regulation of electric scooters that are loved by some and hated by others. Scooter operators and users face new parking rules, speed limits and other restrictions, but enforcing them will remain a challenge. The state highway department (Statens vegvesen), acting […]

Uber poised for comeback in Norway

Claiming “there’s room for innovation in the Norwegian taxi market,” the Nordic chief for controversial personal transport firm Uber is gearing up for a re-entry. It coincides with further deregulation of Norway’s taxi business from November 1, via a new law that’s being met with cheers and protests. The new drosjeloven removes limits on how […]

E18 highway victory sets off new fights

After decades of political quarreling, construction is finally cleared to start on expansion of the heavily trafficked E18 highway west of Oslo. A decision by the local Viken County council to guarantee financial support set off new political battles, however, also within the Labour Party. Viken leader Tonje Brenna ended up sacrificing her Labour-led council […]

El-scooter operators vow to end chaos

Six operators of the highly controversial electric scooters in Oslo have promised to work together to address issues that have made the scooters a nuisance on city streets. Street patrols, lower speeds, a campaign to get users to be more considerate, and better parking facilities are among measures discussed at a meeting with Transport Minister […]