Parking garage work reveals historic graves

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Archaeologists in Norway were claiming another sensational find this week, in connection with construction of a parking garage under the central square of the southern city of Kristiansand. Excavations have revealed many skeletons, including that of a general major involved in an uprising in 1787.

The grave of Fredrik Dietrichson, who led military forces during the so-called Lofthuus uprising, was found along with his ponytail and details from his uniform. His remains were otherwise in poor condition, but county conservationist Yvonne Willumsen was thrilled, saying the discovery “was the kind you dream about but that never happen.”

The garage project under Kristiansand’s central square called Torvet also has revealed nearly 300 other skeletons and clearly was a burial ground from several centuries ago. The archaeological discoveries come just a week after an excavation in Trondheim uncovered the remains of a Birkebeiner warrior whose body was found stuffed in a well, and which confirmed a saga from the 1300s. staff