Enthusiasts find new rock carvings

A field in Østfold south of Oslo turned out to be full of ancient rock carvings, discovered by local enthusiasts who go out hunting for them at night, equipped with powerful lights. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported this week on the largest discovery so far this year of rock carvings (helleristinger) that also feature etchings of […]

Archaeologists unearth Viking age temple

Archaeologists from the University Museum in Bergen have found traces of a heathen temple used for worshipping old Norse gods such as Odin and Tor. It’s the first such temple ever found in Norway, and probably stems from the early Viking Age. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that concrete traces after the temple were found near […]

Historic excavation now underway

UPDATED: A full-scale excavation of a Viking ship found within a settlement from Viking times is now underway at Gjellestad near Halden in Southern Norway. It’s the first time such an extensive archaelogical dig has been undertaken for 115 years, and it’s already yielding some important discoveries. Not since the famed Oseberg and Gokstad ships […]

Rot hastens Viking ship’s excavation

Archaeologists and Norway’s director of cultural heritage are calling for rapid excavation of a Viking ship found buried in a field at Gjellestad near Halden in the fall of 2018. They’ve won initial support from government officials, setting the stage for what could be the first full-scale Viking ship excavation in Norway for 114 years.  […]

Archaeologists find another buried ship

Buried in the ground close to an 829-year old church on an island off Norway’s northwest coast lies a ship that archaeologists believe dates back to Viking times or even earlier. The archaeologists have once again uncovered an historic treasure through the use of georadar. “This is a discovery that has both national and international […]

Archaeologists find hull of Viking ship

Preliminary excavations into the discovery of more Viking treasures south of Oslo have led to the hull of what archaeologists are calling the Gjellestadskip. It’s reportedly “in good shape,” and believed to be older than Norway’s famed Oseberg and Gokstad ships. “I think the mood could be best described as more or less euphoric,” Christian […]

Norway finds another Viking ship

On an open field along the Oslo Fjord, among grave mounds from the Viking Age, archaeologists have found what they believe is another buried Viking ship. The discovery was made with the help of georadar that shows a ship-shaped object. The ship’s form was actually first spotted nearly two years ago, but many examinations were […]

Viking ships seem saved after all

Norway’s newly expanded government has specifically mentioned in its new platform that a new museum to house the country’s famed Viking ships will indeed be built. There’s still been no specific funding allocation for the project, but University of Oslo officials are relieved. “We’ve known for a long time that we have to do something […]

Hunters find intact Viking sword

A team of four men out hunting wild reindeer high in the mountains of Reinheimen stumbled over “something brown” lying in a field of rocks. It turned out to be a rusty but perfectly intact sword dating to around 800AD, and Norwegian archaeologists are ecstatic. “I thought it was a just a rusty iron rod,” […]

Parking garage work reveals historic graves

Archaeologists in Norway were claiming another sensational find this week, in connection with construction of a parking garage under the central square of the southern city of Kristiansand. Excavations have revealed many skeletons, including that of a general major involved in an uprising in 1787. The grave of Fredrik Dietrichson, who led military forces during the […]