Little girl hooked big fish, with licorice

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An eight-year-old girl reeled in a five-kilo (11-pound) wild salmon from the Gaula River in Sør-Trøndelag late last week, after using a piece of licorice as her bait.

“She wanted to dig for some worms, but we didn’t have time,” the father of young Guro Haugen told newspaper Adresseavisen. “I said it was enough with just the hook but she claimed the fish needed something good.”

“We had some licorice with us that we intended to eat ourselves, and she decided to try some on the hook,” added Bjørn Ivar Haugen.

It only took around 10 minutes after she cast out her line that the fish bit, and soon it was lying on the riverbank with both the hook and the licorice in its mouth. Now Guro, who’s looking forward to more fishing trips with her father this summer, intends to keep using licorice. “Maybe next time I’ll get a whale,” she told Adresseavisen. staff