More doctors called out on strike

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The union representing doctors and other medical professionals in Norway was pulling another 185 doctors off the job on Friday, as a strike against Norwegian hospitals dragged into its second week.

A total of 500 members of the union Akademikerne Helse are now on strike at 12 hospitals around the country. The hospitals and regional health administrations now hit by striking doctors include Oslo University Hospital, Sykehuset Østfold, Helse Stavanger, Helse Bergen, Vestre Viken, Finnmarkssykehuset, Akershus University Hospital, Sykehuset i Vestfold, St Olavs Hospital in Trondhein, the Sunnaas rehabilitation hospital on Nesodden, Nordlandssykehuset and Helse Nord.

The strike has forced many hospitals to postpone planned surgeries in cases that are not life-threatening. The doctors are objecting to lengthy shifts and proposed changes in collective bargaining agreements. staff