Low-paid hospital staff go out on strike

Mediation broke down during the night between hospital administrators and unions representing mostly non-medical hospital personnel who’ve been seeking better pensions. The unions thus pulled nearly 500 hospital workers out on strike from Wednesday morning. “We think it’s bloody unfair that the lowest-paid personnel in (Norwegian state-run) hospitals aren’t able to get pension benefits based […]

Teachers’ strikes averted, another launched

UPDATED: All-night negotiations led to a settlement between 21 Norwegian municipalities and their teachers on Friday. A strike threat among state employees and teachers at high schools and colleges was also later averted, but 140 employees of the City of Oslo were called off the job Friday morning. Striking workers at Oslo City Hall include […]

Crown Prince backs climate strikes

Thousands of Norwegian school students were mounting demonstrations around the country again on Friday, to demand that politicians do more to stop climate change. Now they’ve won the support of Crown Prince Haakon, who told a German magazine this week that he thinks the school climate strikes taking place around the world are “enormously important.” […]

SAS best at compensating

Unhappy passengers of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), whose travel was disrupted by the recent SAS pilots’ strike, may be encouraged by the results of a new survey. It ranks SAS as the best of 72 airlines in terms of compensating passengers when things go wrong. They went very wrong indeed when SAS pilots in Scandinavia went […]

Strike hit SAS and its customers hard

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), all but grounded by a recent pilots’ strike, is reporting double-digit declines in traffic and passengers for the month of April, with heavy losses expected as well. Customers, meanwhile, have filed a record number of complaints and most still haven’t received compensation for disrupted travel. The recent week-long strike by SAS’ pilots […]

SAS and its pilots finally end strike

It was likely to take a few days before Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) would be flying on schedule again, but some flights were at least due to start taking off on Friday. SAS pilots ended their strike late Thursday night after finally accepting a new three-year deal. Their reported demand for a 13 percent pay raise […]

SAS cancels another 429 flights

After nearly 12 hours of mediation on the May 1st Labour Day holiday on Wednesday, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and its striking pilots still hadn’t come to terms. The airline thus cancelled 429 more flights on Thursday, ruining travel plans for another 54,000 passengers. SAS had already cancelled 280 morning flights on Thursday but had hoped […]

SAS lays off 1,000 employees

SAS put more pressure on its striking pilots Tuesday afternoon, when it announced it was laying off more than 1,000 employees. Most of them are cabin crew who have no work to do when the vast majority of SAS flights are grounded. SAS also cancelled another 504 flights due to take off on Wednesday, which […]

SAS in ‘crisis,’ its travellers in despair

“We are travellers,” has Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) declared in its recent promotional campaigns. SAS’ employees and not least its passengers were instead facing more spoiled travel plans and financial losses as a pilots’ strike dragged into its fifth day, for many the eve of what was supposed to be another long holiday weekend. With both […]

SAS pilots prepared for a lengthy strike

The leader of one of the labour unions representing SAS pilots in Norway claimed Friday afternoon that they’re prepared for a lengthy strike against Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). As the posturing continued on both sides, hundreds more SAS flights were cancelled on Saturday. “The morale is incredibly high,” Christian Laulund, an SAS captain who leads the […]