Nurses call off hospital strike

Norway’s national nurses’ union (Sykepleierforbundet), fearing they’d be ordered into another round of compulsory arbitration, decided to call off their strike at state-run hospitals around the country and enter into voluntary negotiations. That way they’ll at least be able to appoint their own negotiators. “We received a warning that one duty slot at Oslo University Hospital […]

Hospital nurses remain on strike

Norwegian nurses working at state-run hospitals remained on strike heading into the weekend, even after their colleagues at the local level were ordered back to work. The state nurses may also wind up being forced into compulsory arbitration, if their strike is deemed to pose a threat to life and health. “We really don’t have […]

Strike shutdowns incite union fury

Norway’s conservative government acted again this week to shut down remaining strikes by thousands of nurses, teachers and other public sector workers around Norway. They claimed the strikes put life and health at risk, but disgusted strikers and their leaders claim it’s all a sham to force them back to work and accept the same […]

State orders some strikers back to work

Some but not all of the striking municipal workers around Norway were being ordered back to work late Friday afternoon. Labour Minister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen of the Conservative Party determined that the strike posed a threat to life and health, a stance strike leaders strongly disputed. Isaksen called trade union federation Unio and the national […]

Strike spreads to state hospitals

Nurses already out on strike at the local level were joined Friday by 607 nurses working in various state-controlled hospitals around Norway. Mediation between their unions and employers organization Spekter failed, pulling nurses and other health care workers off the job at several large hospitals around the country. The first phase of the strike affects […]

Thousands more head out on strike

More than 20,000 public sector employees, many of them teachers and nurses, are now on strike in Norway after municipal employers refused to take the initiative for renewed negotiations. The teachers and nurses especially can claim public support even after, or perhaps because of, a difficult Corona year. Many schools and day care centers all […]

Strike among state workers averted

Intense mediation managed to avert a strike among state employees on Thursday after 17 hours of negotiations. Four major trade union federations agreed to accept raises of between 2.7 and 2.8 percent. Weary state mediator Mats Ruland managed to strike a deal between state employers and the trade union federations Akademikerne, LO Stat, Unio and […]

More teachers and nurses go on strike

UPDATED: More than 600 teachers, day care workers and health care professionals in Oslo have joined 7,390 others who went on strike around Norway Thursday morning, after they failed to win the pay raises they claim they deserve. Their leader admitted it’s “extra difficult” to strike in a pandemic, and stressed that Corona care would […]

Mediation aims to avert major strike

Teachers, nurses and thousands of other public sector employees at the state and local levels are threatening to strike from Friday if their demands for higher pay aren’t met. State mediator Mats Ruland is central in the heated negotiations between four large trade union federations and representatives for state and municipalities. “The most difficult thing […]

Pastors end strike after prayers answered

The labour organization representing pastors in the Norwegian Church ended a month-long strike this week, after securing a significant raise in base pay. Strike leaders called that “a victory, both for pastors and other church employees.” The Norwegian Church is no longer a state church but still receives most of its funding from the state, […]