SAS pilots threaten to strike on Friday

Easter holiday travelers were spared, but passengers holding tickets on SAS flights from Friday morning face plenty of turbulence if SAS’ pilots in Scandinavia opt to go on strike. Mediation was due to begin Wednesday, in an effort to avoid airline chaos in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. “We hope we come to an agreement,” SAS […]

SAS pilots warn they may go on strike

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) management claims they were “very surprised” when their pilots’ unions in Norway, Denmark and Sweden warned on Tuesday that they may go out on strike. Plans had called for more talks next week but now they’re heading into mediation. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported Tuesday afternoon that if mediation fails to settle […]

Climate strikers defy adults’ scoldings

They were out early in front of the Parliament on Friday, and some had camped overnight. As thousands also gathered all over the country for Norway’s biggest school strikes for the climate so far, they faced both ridicule and scoldings from an elder generation of politicians and other adults who still support the country’s oil […]

Government halts nurses’ strike

Labour Minister Anniken Hauglie of the Conservative Party felt compelled on Tuesday to order compulsory arbitration in a wage conflict between private health care firms and striking nurses. That will also halt a lockout Wednesday that would have prohibited all nurses at targeted facilities from going to work. The national nurses’ union (Norsk Sykepleierforbund) had […]

NHO imposes lockout against striking nurses

National employers’ organization NHO took the unusual step on Thursday of declaring a lockout against striking nurses at privately run health care facilities. The nurses have been on strike since October 25, and now accuse NHO of trying to force public authorities to end the strike. Local or state authorities can step in if life […]

Strike spread to more oil platforms

A strike by workers on several offshore oil platforms spread this week with no settlement in sight. More thn 3,000 workers have been pulled off the job, in a strike that’s now significantly cutting into oil and gas production. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that around 1,500 platform workers who aren’t a part of the conflict […]

Offshore strike hits nine oil platforms

The large labour organization representing offshore oil platform workers, Safe, failed to come to terms over pensions with the organization representing oil platform- and shipowner, Rederiforbundet. The union therefore called 669 of its members working on nine rigs out on strike during the night. News bureau NTB reported that negotiations extended for more than an […]

Airport strike threat delayed until fall

Passengers flying out on summer holidays could breathe a sigh of relief Friday morning. Mediators of a conflict between airport management and emergency crews recommended a “pause” in negotiations, with a new strike deadline set for midnight on September 4. “It was absolutely out of consideration for passengers that made us decide it was better […]

Technicians call off airport strike threat

The first of two possible strikes at Norwegian airports this week was averted during the night. State mediators were involved, but a representative for the workers claimed the two sides hammered out a settlement themselves. After five hours of negotiations in overtime, the union representing technicians and mechanics (Norsk Flytekniker Organisasjon, NFO) came to terms […]

Strikes may hit airports

Mediation was beginning this week in an effort to ward off strikes by labour organizations representing emergency crews and technicians at Norwegian airports. The workers haven’t been willing to go along with demands for changes in pension plans. In the event of a strike by emergency crews, Stavanger’s airport (Lufthavn Sola) will likely close since […]