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Monday, May 20, 2024

Sun set on a turbulent year

The sun set for the last time this year over Norway’s capital, in another fiery display of nature at her best on a winter afternoon. It seemed only fitting to capture the glory, as seen from this website’s homebase in Oslo, and share it with our subscribers around the world.

Sunset over Oslo as Norway heads into a new year. PHOTO: Berglund
Sunset over Oslo as Norway heads into a new year. PHOTO: Berglund

The sunsets have been spectacular most every day this week, as Oslo escaped most of the storms that have raged elsewhere around the country. It’s also been a very stormy year in a political, economic and social context, as Norway has been rocked by the aftershocks of the oil price dive, a state budget crisis and the effects of Brexit, the US presidential election and the refugee crisis.

We’ve also faced corruption scandals at some of Norway’s biggest companies, massive assault cases, some serious accidents and hefty debates over climate and immigration. There have been hotel, train and hospital strikes (among several others) and trials involving homegrown terrorists. Norway’s King Harald V celebrated 25 years as monarch and made a memorable speech urging tolerance, while his family also faced a royal divorce.

Next year promises lots of news as well, from municipal, agricultural and economic restructuring efforts to more landmark trials and national elections in September. FM radio as we know it is due to disappear, over loud public protests, and tourists are expected to keep streaming to Norway, no longer just to see the fjords.

We’ll be keeping up with the Norwegians from our base here in Oslo on behalf of our subscribers both here and abroad. In the meantime, I wish you all a godt nytt år.

Nina Berglund
Editor and publisher,



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