New Year fireworks injure 16

Despite lots of warnings over the risks of setting off private fireworks, and bans on them in central urban areas, 16 people suffered severe eye injuries on New Year’s Eve. Now some political parties want to ban them entirely. The cities’ major public fireworks displays aren’t enough for those who insist on setting off their […]

New Year’s babies in Tønsberg and Elverum

Norway’s New Year’s babies arrived at 12 minutes past midnight on January 1st, in both Tønsberg and Elverum. A total of five babies were born with the first hour of 2019. The first two arrived at the same time, a girl in Tønsberg and a boy in Elverum. “It’s always extra special to help deliver […]

Solberg’s speech ‘catered to KrF’

NEWS ANALYSIS: Prime Minister Erna Solberg was widely seen as trying to appeal to the Christian Democrats Party (Kristelig Folkeparti, KrF) in her annual New Year’s address to the nation. It dwelled heavily on the value of children and family life, issues at the core of KrF policy as Solberg’s government launches negotiations to include KrF […]

Monarch calls for better behaviour

King Harald V dutifully refrained from expressing any political opinions in his annual New Year’s address to the nation. He seized the opportunity, though, to call for better behaviour and more mutual respect among his fellow adult Norwegians. “We must treat one another in a proper manner,” King Harald said in his traditional, nationally televised […]

Happy New Year from Oslo to you

The sun actually shone over Oslo on New Year’s morning, in contrast to the storms lashing other areas of Norway. With the hope of brighter days ahead, we wish our readers a “Godt nytt år!” A view of the Oslo Fjord, taken along Kyststien (the coastal trail). PHOTO:

Bad weather cancels some fireworks

Stormy weather that slammed into Norway’s northwest coast on Monday forced several cities to cancel their traditional fireworks displays on New Year’s Eve. Winds were so strong that it was dangerous send up rockets. “We have to think ‘safety first,’” Eigunn Stav Sætre, culture chief for the City of Kristiansund, told state broadcaster NRK late […]

Stormy weather on New Year’s Eve

Wet and wild weather was in the forecast for New Year’s Eve. The worst weather was expected in the Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag counties. Dreams of clear, starry skies full of New Year’s fireworks were unlikely to come true, according to state meteorologists. They were predicting lots of rain, not snow, and strong winds […]

New ‘Donald’ comic pokes fun at Trump

Norwegians have a long tradition of buying and reading special Christmas comic books called julehefter. While interest in Donald Duck has been waning, Donald Trump has inspired creation of a new comic book this year that parodies both him and his presidency. There’s no lack of sarcasm over Trump’s vanity, impulsiveness and self-promotion in the […]

Royals headed for the holiday hills

Norway’s royal family headed for the hills above Oslo this year, for traditional Christmas holidays at the monarch’s timber lodge called Kongsseteren. They posed for a family portrait before leaving, minus Princess Martha Louise and her family. Like many families, the royals have alternated both locations and which sides of the family they gather with […]

White Christmas, with some grey

Oslo residents were able to enjoy a mostly White Christmas this holiday season, even though no fresh snow fell to soften and help groom ski tracks. Stormy weather closed several mountain passes during the holidays, but they were opening up again in time for the romjul period between Christmas and New Year. The snow that […]