Norwegians fire up hot ‘hytte’ market

Norway’s autumn holidays ended over the weekend with more record sales of the traditional holiday home known as a “hytte.” That’s not to be confused with a “hut,” as large new developments in the hills and mountains resemble housing tracts with prices running as high as NOK 30 million (USD 3.6 million) or even more. […]

Car holidays send pump prices up

Norway’s notoriously high prices for petrol at the pump have spiked again, to nearly NOK 20 per liter in some areas, or around USD 9 a gallon. The fuel price rise is raising eyebrows as well, as Norwegians hit the road for holidays at home during another Corona summer. Prices for the lowest grades of […]

Skies cleared for Midsummer Eve

Most Norwegians could bask under sunshine and clear skies for the traditional Midsummer Eve celebrations known as Sankthansaften on Wednesday. The evening holiday that’s often washed out by chilly rain was instead beckoning boaters out on the fjord. Only the northwest coastal areas were due for any rain. “The weather was looking quite nice for […]

17th of May turned violent

Police trying to break up an unauthorized gathering of more than 100 people in downtown Fredrikstad were met by youth throwing stones and bottles at them. The unusual violence on Norway’s 17th of May holiday was repelled by additional patrols and a police helicopter whirring overhead. “The patrols on duty were attacked by a large […]

Another ‘different’ 17th of May holiday

The Corona pandemic, combined with cold and constant rain, literally put a damper on celebrations of Norway’s national day on the 17th of May. With all parades cancelled and large gatherings banned for the second year in a row, the Royal Family and most everybody else could only hope festivities will be back to normal […]

Two centuries of flag-waving

NEWS ANALYSIS: It’s been 200 years since Norway got the red, white and blue flag that Norwegians need few excuses to fly. On Constitution Day on the 17th of May the flag is everywhere, but throughout its history Norway’s flag has also been a source of controversy. The photo above was taken while driving by […]

Norwegians off for very long weekend

Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians could take off on an unusually long weekend that began Wednesday night and continues through Monday. That’s as long as the annual Easter holiday weekend, made possible simply because of how the calendar falls this year. It’s based around the post-Easter Ascension Day (called Kristi himmelfartsdag in Norwegian), which has […]

Digital celebrations for May 1st holiday

Norway’s Labour Day holiday on the 1st of May is normally celebrated with lots of breakfast parties and big parades in cities and towns around the country. They’ve all been forced online for the second year in a row, to hinder the spread of Corona virus infection, but major trade unions and other activists still […]

Storms stranded holiday motorists

Sudden and severe snowstorms in the mountains of southern Norway were still causing problems on Tuesday as tens of thousands of people tried to head home after the Easter holidays. Many key mountain passes remained closed, others were only open to convoy driving and there were lots of accidents. Slippery conditions on roads that finally […]

Pastors question Easter priorities

The Corona crisis has once again cancelled church services during the Easter holidays and now some pastors in the Norwegian Church are questioning the government’s priorities. They think Norwegians’ tradition of spending Easter holidays at their hytter (holiday homes) has been given far more attention than the church. “I think the government could have said a […]