New Year speeches all addressed suicide

King Harald, Prime Minister Erna Solberg and the president of Norway’s Sami Parliament, Aili Keskitalo, all tackled the difficult issue of suicide in their traditional New Year addresses to the nation. King Harald won praise for what was called his “serious, warm, but authoritative” message to the Norwegian people. The monarch, stunned by his own […]

Winter wonderland awaits in the hills

PHOTO FEATURE: There wasn’t much snow in the downtown area during the New Year’s week, but residents of Oslo only need to head for the hills around the Norwegian capital to find a winter wonderland and plenty of possibilities for skiing. We checked out some of the areas closest to town, and easily accessible on […]

‘Hytte’ dream stirs climate nightmare

Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians have celebrated the New Year at the family hytte (holiday cabin) in the mountains. Concerns are rising, however, that ongoing construction to fulfill dreams of hytte ownership is chipping away at Norway’s unspoiled nature, and generating more carbon emissions because of all the driving back and forth. Hytte-skam (cabin shame) is […]

Happy holidays to all of our readers

Prime Minister Erna Solberg is likely among those hoping to enjoy a few days of “julefred” (Christmas peace) this week, after a particularly turbulent year. Grey and rather gloomy, rainy weather over much of the country wasn’t helping much to boost holiday spirits, but many including Solberg could at least take some time off. These […]

Gloomy prospects for a white Christmas

Most Norwegians will just have to keep dreaming about a white Christmas this year, as unusually mild temperatures continue for the next several days. That means more grey and gloomy weather, except in Northern Norway where dreams may come true. The northern regions of Troms and Finnmark were best positioned for snow over the Christmas […]

Busy day and year at OSL Gardermoen

There were lots of delays and some cancellations at Norway’s gateway airport on Friday, as nearly 100,000 travelers flew to and from OSL Gardermoen. The year itself was wrapping up with yet another decline in actual landings and departures at Norwegian airports, but more passengers. Friday was expected to be “the only really traffic-heavy day” […]

An oak tree in Ås adorns Erna’s cards

Lots of Norwegians likely spent time this weekend writing traditional Christmas cards and getting them in the post. Prime Minister Erna Solberg and her staff have been doing the same, with this year’s card featuring a wintry scene and an old oak tree in Ås. Norway’s prime minister draws a county name every year to […]

Brits whine over Christmas tree from Oslo

So much for glad tidings and good will – Oslo officials’ traditional gift of a Christmas tree for London’t Trafalgar Square was being ridiculed as everything from skinny to forlorn. Oslo Mayor Marianne Borgen, who was in London for its lighting this week, defended her city’s gift as “a genuine tree from a genuine forest” […]

Halloween spending soars in Norway

A new survey indicates that only a minority of Norwegians celebrate Halloween, but those who do are spending record amounts. Retailers’ revenues have quadrupled in the past three years, after they wised up to the profit potential and started promoting the holiday heavily. Figures from the new survey conducted by research firm YouGov for Danske […]

DNT reports another record summer

Norway’s popular national hiking association DNT (Den Norske Turistforening) could report another “super summer” this year. Record numbers of hikers and nature lovers stayed at DNT hytter (cabins), with many reporting double-digit increases in overnight guests. DNT reported a total of 65,000 overnight stays at its cabins, many of which are self-service. The Svukuriset hytte […]