Snow halted prime minister’s car

It started snowing in Oslo just before the weekend, adding to the upcoming holiday atmosphere but causing problems for guests leaving a prominent julebord (pre-holiday party), at which Prime Minister Erna Solberg and other politicians were among the guests. Newspaper Aftenposten reported that the party was attended by around 100 journalists who regularly cover political issues […]

Teenage robbers target older men

Police in Oslo have arrested two teenagers after the latest robbery of a man in his 60s. He was heading home through the Frogner Park around midnight Tuesday night when he was attacked by a group of as many as five teenage boys near the park’s famed Monolith. “He sustained cuts in his face and […]

Finance minister questioned over ‘hytte’

Norway’s finance minister, Siv Jensen, has been facing some questions over the financing of her own summer holiday cabin known as a hytte. Opposition politicians think she’s got a very sweet leasing deal with one of Norway’s wealthiest men, whom she also appointed to head the ethics council for Norway’s sovereign wealth fund known as […]

Nature lovers meet some opposition

At the height of the annual fall hiking and hunting season, doubts are suddenly emerging about Norwegians’ alleged attachment to the great outdoors. A new book is getting rave reviews for portraying an honest and funny aversion to hiking, skiing or spending time at Norway’s iconic cabins called hytter. Proud residents of Northern Norway, meanwhile, decry […]

Weather may spoil autumn holidays

Norway’s tradition “høstferie” (autumn holidays) start this weekend but those heading for the mountains were warned to drive carefully. Early snow and frost were making roads slick, and dangerous for vehicles not yet equipped with winter tires. The state highway department was urging anyone planning to drive over the mountains, in the area between Bergen […]

Pakistanis celebrate national day

Not unlike Americans celebrating the 4th of July in Frogner Park, Oslo’s large Pakistani community was gathering at Ekeberg on Tuesday to celebrate their national day. For some children with Pakistani roots, it means they get to march in two national parades: Norway’s on the 17th of May and Pakistan’s on the 14th of August. […]

Five more Norwegian teens arrested in Greece

Young Norwegian men have been causing trouble on Greek islands this summer. State broadcaster NRK reported Sunday that five more were arrested on the island of Ios, and charged with beating and breaking the legs of another Norwegian 18-year-old. NRK reported that Norwegian youth say that fights have broken out nearly every day during the […]

Minister broke more government rules

A political storm continued to swirl around Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg through the weekend. Now he admits that he took his government-issued mobile phone with him not only on his highly controversial summer holiday trip to Iran, but also to China this past spring. Several of his conservative Progress Party colleagues are as angry with […]

Summer holidays close to home

Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians launched their annual summer holidays over the weekend, which marked the start of the three-week period known as fellesferie. The myth that “everyone” heads for southern Europe or farther afield isn’t true, though, with three out of five Norwegians planning to stay in Norway, some of them in rather primitive […]

‘Norway still needs Pride and parades’

NEWS ANALYSIS: This year’s Pride Parade in Oslo was the biggest ever, attracting an estimated 40,000 marchers and 200,000 spectators during the weekend. It was led by government ministers and the city’s mayor, to send official messages of tolerance and inclusion that are perhaps more needed now than ever before. Newspaper Aftenposten, for example, editorialized […]