Storm slams into Lofoten

Another powerful late-winter storm was causing all kinds of trouble in Nordland County and especially Vesterålen and the Lofoten archipelago on Wednesday, where strong winds overturned trucks and cars, closed bridges, cancelled ferries and left thousands without power. The Easter holidays were not getting off to a good start Wednesday afternoon, especially for a large […]

Royals send some encouraging words

King Harald V and Queen Sonja dressed themselves in casual outdoor clothing and sat outside their timber lodge in the hills above Oslo to send highly unusual greetings to Norwegians Friday afternoon, as they all embarked on highly unusual Easter holidays in the middle of the Corona crisis. Armed with a thermos full of gløgg […]

Virus shoots down Liberation jubilee

The canons at Akershus in Oslo and other fortresses around Norway will be fired, but the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Norway in 1945 will otherwise be quietly observed on May 8th. It’s yet another major event spoiled by the Corona virus crisis. “Liberation Day on the 8th of May in 1945 is one […]

Porsgrunn first to cancel 17th of May

Norway’s southern city of Porsgrunn became the first on Thursday to cancel its annual and festive Constitution Day celebrations on the 17th of May. More may follow, as the Corona virus crisis that’s shut down most of the country also threatens to spoil Norwegians’ most cherished day of the year. “We felt like we didn’t […]

Hytte ban now enforceable by law

The Norwegian government has gone forward with it plans to prohibit Norwegians from traveling to their beloved holiday cabins known as a hytte. They claim a travel ban is necessary to contain the spread of the Corona virus, and have made hytte trips punishable by fines or even prison. Despite objections by many owners of […]

Not even hytte holidays allowed

The Norwegian government was stepping up its battle against the Corona virus this weekend in a manner that may bother Norwegians the most: banning getaways to their own beloved hytte (holiday cabin). Both state and local officials want Norwegians to just stay home, and not put others at risk. State broadcaster NRK reported that the […]

Oslo ‘fools … came to their senses’

Chastened Oslo officials have shifted into reverse and will allow an exhibition of vintage American cars in the city’s Frogner Park this summer after all. They’d earlier banned the annual event, which clashed with Oslo’s efforts to restrict car use, but caved in to criticism. Even the leader of the local Labour Party, which leads […]

Thousands finally can head home from holidays

Sandstorms that closed the airport at Las Palmas in the Canary Islands over the weekend finally abated enough on Monday to allow it to reopen. Both Norwegian Air and SAS were sending extra aircraft to the popular holiday island of Gran Canaria, to bring home stranded passengers. All aircraft were subject to techncial and safety […]

Storm warnings posted again

Norwegian media were sending out warnings from state meteorologists on Friday about yet another storm moving in from the north Atlantic and slamming right into Norway from north to south, just as thousands of Norwegian are heading to or from the mountains for winter holidays. “Especially bad weather” was predicted through Saturday, with several mountain […]

Storms and flooding halt trains, ferries

More stormy weather and high tides set off flooding that forced closure of train stations in Drammen and Halden on Monday. Strong winds and high seas also halted ferries all over Southern Norway, where mountain roads also had to close. The river running through Drammen rose so high that tracks were submerged at the train […]