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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Lowest wage growth in 16 years

Average monthly wages grew by just 1.6 percent in September, the last month for which data was collected and analyzed by state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway). It was the smallest increase registered so far in the 2000s, reported news bureau NTB.

Average monthly pay in all sectors nationwide was set at NOK 43,300 (USD 5,280), up 1.6 percent from NOK 42,600 in September 2015.

The numbers from SSB showed that average monthly pay in the private sector and publicly owned companies was NOK 43,800, up 1.4 percent and higher than the average pay of municipal employees, which was NOK 39,500 (up 2.3 percent). State employees had average pay of NOK 46,500 per month, up 1.8 percent.

SSB could also report that average monthly pay in Norway for men was NOK 46,200 per month, up 1.3 percent from September 2015, while for women it was NOK 39,800. That shows how also in egalitarian Norway, women don’t earn as much as men, but the difference has been blamed on more women working part-time than men. staff



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