Wind power set to blow less fiercely

The Norwegian government is proposing what it calls an “historic tightening” of regulations around wind power projects on land. The goal is to reduce conflict levels over the huge turbines that tower over the landscape and pose a threat to birds and other wildlife. After weeks of wind power protests that turned ugly, Oil & […]

Norwegians go shopping again

Debit- and credit card use among Nordea bank customers in the first week of June was higher than it was before the crisis began in March. The Nordic banking group views the jump as a sign that Norwegians’ consumption continues to increase. It’s another sign that the Norwegian company is recovering from the Corona crisis. Even though […]

New wind power protests turn ugly

UPDATED: Another rash of angry demonstrations against wind energy projects has spread over Norway recently. Some protesters targeted Norway’s Oil & Energy Minister Tina Bru over the weekend, calling her nasty names and leaving her feeling physically threatened. “For the first time, I felt a real sense of discomfort,” Bru wrote on social media after the […]

‘From Corona crisis to a new jobs crisis’

Prime Minister Erna Solberg is clearly proud of how Norwegians have withstood the Corona crisis, but now she worries that a new crisis looms. Not all of Norway’s pre-Corona jobs will still be there as the country reopens for business, she warned during the weekend, and economists agree that unemployment looms as the country’s next […]

Economy picks up, krone strengthens

Norway is once again being branded as fundamentally different from the rest of the world, as it emerges from the Corona darkness. While its own Corona virus crisis initially hit hard, infection and death rates have remained low and now the economy is showing numerous signs of recovery. In the past week alone, more people […]

More billions behind new crisis package

Prime Minister Erna Solberg and her Conservatives-led government rolled out yet another crisis package Friday, funded with an extra NOK 27 billion from the state’s sovereign wealth fund. It’s targeted at programs to boost labour competence, improve labour integration, extend cash support to businesses and help cover salary costs to reduce layoffs. The package also […]

Interest rates cut down to zero

UPDATED: Norway’s central bank did what it’s never done before on Thursday, slicing its already record-low key policy rate from just a quarter-point down to zero. The bank’s committee in charge of monetary policy and financial stability viewed it as the right thing to do, given all the economic damage caused by Corona virus control […]

Economy sinks, more relief due

Seven weeks after the government shut down much of Norway, economists are sending out new gloom and doom predictions even as some businesses start opening up again. Prime Minister Erna Solberg is promising yet another crisis aid package before the summer holidays set in. The empty streets of Norwegian cities and towns could finally liven […]

Expat workers most vulnerable in crisis

Expatriates in Norway who come from countries outside the European Economic Area have the most to fear during the Corona crisis if they’re suddenly laid off from jobs that brought them to Norway. Even though Norwegian employers needed them because of special skills, and they’ve paid taxes like all other Norwegians, they won’t qualify for […]

IMF agrees that recession looms

The Norwegian economy, like those elsewhere in the world, is suffering an enormous shock that will cut gross national product by 6.3 percent this year. Next year, however, Norway’s GNP should grow by 2.9 percent. The numbers were published in the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s latest economic prognosis after the Corona virus crisis spread worldwide. […]