Man convicted for killing prostitute

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A 26-year-old Norwegian man has begun serving an 18-year prison term after being convicted of stabbing 28-year-old Galina Sandeva to death in Oslo in December 2015. The murder set off a major investigation by police who were themselves shocked over its brutality.

Sandeva had been reported missing by friends. Her body was found in her own car on Oslo’s eastern waterfront with at least 30 stab wounds. The young man from Hamar who worked near the scene of the crime was arrested three weeks later after police had studied traffic and movements on both his and Sandeva’s mobile phones.

He admitted to killing Sandeva, who was from Bulgaria, when his trial began in late March but he claimed he acted in self-defense after Sandeva attacked him. The court did not believe his version of the story and sentenced him to 18 years in prison, a long term by Norwegian standards. staff