‘Intimate’ a-ha concert sold out quickly

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Hard-core fans of the Norwegian pop group a-ha didn’t seem to mind paying NOK 4,000 for a ticket to sit in on what’s billed as an “exclusive, intimate concert” on an island off north-central Norway this summer. The 500 tickets available sold out in 30 minutes.

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that the three members of a-ha have booked themselves into the Ocean Sound Recordings studio on the island of Giske this summer, not far from Ålesund. During their stay, the band will hold two acoustic concerts for 250 people each.

“We see that folks from all over the world have bought tickets, and they were all gone within a half-hour,” studio chief Terje Erstad told NRK, after the tickets went on sale Monday. The ticket price, equal to around USD 470, includes transport to the island, sightseeing and a party after the concert. Those keen on going to both concerts could do so for NOK 6,000.

Some fans have written on a-ha‘s social media site that they thought it was too expensive, but Erstad defended the ticket price. He said the band’s costs are high and that “this is a concert that a-ha has never performed before and won’t again,” he told NRK. Only a few of the tickets were bought by locals, though, with most of the band’s customers coming from the US, Brazil, Germany and Japan.

They won’t be allowed to take any cameras or mobile phones into either concert, which will instead be professionally taped as part of a documentary. The band does plan more acoustic concerts on a larger scale next year, in Germany, Switzerland, England and Norway.

newsinenglish.no staff