Masked taggers set off alarms

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Passengers on board one of Oslo’s new metro trains were frightened last week when nine masked men managed to halt a train at an east-side station and vandalize it with spray paint.

Newspaper VG reported that the metro (T-bane) had stopped at Oslo’s Bogerud station and was ready to move on when the nine masked men rushed up to it. One of them rolled a stolen grocery cart onto the tracks, making it impossible for the driver to leave the station.

Startled passengers feared some kind of attack, not least when they smelled gasoline, and some ran screaming off the train. Instead the masked men ran around the train, spraying it with paint.

One witness said the so-called taggers looked “very professional” and vandalized the train for several minutes, fleeing just before police arrived on the scene.

Police used foot patrols, specially trained dogs and a helicopter in their search for the men, but one officer said “they ran in all directions,” making the chase difficult. An investigation was continuing. staff