Uber pressures regulators

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Ride-sharing service Uber concedes that a planned “pause” in operations later this month is aimed at prodding the Norwegian government into reforming current regulations on taxi service in general, and including Uber in them.

“We want to signal that we want to be regulated,” Uber’s chief in Norway, Carl Edvard Endresen, told news service NTB. “We’ve been saying that for a long time.” Uber objects, however, to current strict rules that involve issuance of a limited number of special licenses.

European competition regulators also object to the current rules in Norway, claiming they restrict competition. They’ve given the Norwegian government until October 27 to respond to what it will do with current regulations on the number of special licenses granted. Uber’s indefinite suspension of its main Uber Pop ride service will take effect three days later. Uber’s limousine and large vehicle service will continue.

newsinenglish.no staff