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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Trekkers offered mobile phone advice

With thousands of Norwegians out trekking in the mountains during the Easter holiday week, state-controlled telecoms firm Telenor saw a need to offer a new set of guidelines regarding mobile phone use. Phones and coverage, Telenor warns, can’t always be relied upon in an emergency.

Most Norwegian outdoor enthusiasts are familiar with the country’s long-standing fjellvettregler, a set of rules and advice for those venturing into the mountains on skis. They advise such things as being aware that the weather can change quickly, that it’s wise to seek advice from local experts familiar with the area, and that it’s never too late to turn around.

Now Telenor is urging Norwegians to be aware that even in a high-tech, digitalized country like Norway, mobile coverage may not be available in remote areas. Telenor thus cautions against agreeing with loved ones to call at certain times, in order to avoid unnecessary anxiety if there’s simply no coverage at the appointed hour.

Telenor also advises to save battery power, carry a portable recharger, to carry the phone close to the body or in a thermal bag to keep it warm, and to be careful about trekking to a high peak in the hopes of gaining coverage: Skiing on steep slopes can set off an avalanche.

Most important: Be prepared to manage without a mobile phone while out skiing or anywhere in the mountains. “Follow trekking- and fjellvettreglene (the guidelines for the mountains) and let family and friends know where you’re going,” Telenor advises. In case of real emergency, it adds, call the national help number 112. staff



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