Norway’s population hits 5.3 million

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Norway’s population rose to just over 5.3 million during the first quarter of this year, largely a result of immigration. Fewer births and more deaths otherwise resulted in the lowest net population growth since 1985.

State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) could report that Norway’s population stood at 5,302,778 on April 1. That was 7,159 higher than the country’s total population at the end of last year.

Oslo was among the only places in the country where there were more births than deaths, leaving the capital with “natural” population growth of 1,142 and total growth of permanent residents of 1,267. The difference was attributed to new arrivals.

On a national basis, Norway took in 5,500 immigrants while births surpassed deaths by around 1,700. SSB’s own growth estimates for Oslo had been double that which actually occurred, largely because fewer people are moving to the city than in the economic boom years before oil prices collapsed in 2014. staff