Thousands intend to remain in Britain

Nearly 11,000 Norwegians have applied to remain in Great Britain after Brexit takes affect and Britain leaves the European Union (EU). They’re expected to be allowed to stay based on an agreement already worked out between Norway and the UK. News bureau NTB reported that around 10,700 Norwegians had applied to remain as residents of […]

Convicted bishop ‘has no regrets’

Retired Bishop Gunnar Stålsett was convicted by an Oslo court as expected on Thursday, for having offered work and income to a rejected refugee who couldn’t be sent back to Eritrea. That became illegal in 2011, but Stålsett described himself as a conscientious objector to a law he views as simply wrong. The Oslo County […]

Immigrant tragedy deepens

The four-year-old daughter of an immigrant woman from Sudan died Thursday night after three days of intensive care at Norway’s national hospital in Oslo. She was among the three children of the woman who’s believed to have drowned herself while taking her young daughters with her into icy waters off Tromsø. The woman and her […]

Immigrant tragedy unfolds in Tromsø

Police in Tromsø are investigating what now appears to be a murder-suicide involving a young immigrant mother and her three children. She’s suspected of leading them all into the icy waters surrounding the island city in Northern Norway Monday evening, killing herself and one seven-year-old daugher while her two other children were critically injured. The […]

Retired bishop risks jail over principles

The 84-year-old former bishop of Oslo, Gunnar Stålsett, has been ordered to appear in court just a week before Christmas. Norwegian police want him sentenced to 45 days in jail, because he has illegally employed a woman from Eritrea who’d been denied asylum and wound up as an undocumented and rejected refugee. Stålsett hasn’t wanted to […]

Police deport Iran critic working for convicted employer

Norwegian police deported a critic of the regime in Iran earlier this week. He’d been working illegally for a Norwegian employment agency whose owner, Arne Viste, was recently convicted for having hired undocumented workers.  Karim Salahy’s live-in partner told newspaper Klassekampen that he was only taken as far as Amsterdam when he and the police […]

Men dump foreign wives at crisis centers

Crisis centers nationwide have gone public with how Norwegian men have literally delivered their foreign wives to the crisis centers’ doorsteps. The men declare that they’re “finished” with the women, and then even contact immigration authorities in the hopes the women will lose their residence permission in Norway. “It’s a disgusting attitude towards women,” Svein […]

Police investigate new racist attack

The new Hønefoss Church has sheltered a refugee Afghan family of four since last year. On Saturday the father and his seven-year-old son ventured outdoors for a walk in nearby woods, only to become victims of what police believe was a racist attack. Newspaper Ringerikes Blad reported that the little boy and his father were […]

Trial begins over rights to work

The leader of an employment agency in the Stavanger area was having his days in court this week, keen to defend his decision to hire asylum seekers and other foreigners even though they lack formal working permission in Norway. He doesn’t think that’s a crime. “I acknowledge the facts (of what authorities claim is illegal […]

Step-sister killed because she was Asian

An autopsy into the death of 17-year-old Johanne Zhanglia Ihle-Hansen in Bærum last month has concluded that she was killed with two shots to her head and two to her chest. Her step-brother, 21-year-old terror defendant Philip Manshaus, is charged with her murder, which police now confirm was motivated by her Chinese ethnicity. “We have […]