Joke about Sami backfires

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A Sami member of the Conservative Party’s youth organization Unge Høyre has resigned in protest over what he calls an offensive proposal at the organization’s national meeting over the weekend. Others are offended, too.

Nils Kristian Winther told state broadcaster NRK he was resigning after another member, Tobias Strandskog of the Hordaland chapter proposed that all Sami should receive dispensation to operate casinos or bordellos “in their own territory.” Strandskog claims it was merely a joke, and was surprised when it was taken seriously and seemed headed for approval.

“I tried to be a bit funny on a Sunday morning,” Strandskog told NRK. “I thought the gathering would realize it was just a joke.”

The proposal was eventually halted, but not before the damage was done. Winther was among those calling the incident “very condescending against Sami and minorities in general.” Strandskog has since apologized. staff