Oslo to stay shut, seeks more vaccine

Oslo, which still suffers the highest infection and hospitalizations in Norway, will remain mostly shut down for at least the next two weeks even though national restrictions are being eased. City government officials are also demanding more vaccine allotments, especially since expected deliveries from abroad may not arrive. Raymond Johansen, the stern leader of Oslo’s […]

Solberg starts to reopen Norway

Prime Minister Erna Solberg followed, as expected, state health authorities’ recommendations to begin reopening Norway from Friday, April 16. Many areas including Oslo, however, will likely remain subject to local regulations that are still stricter than national rules. “We will need to live with local restrictions for a long time,” Solberg said at a press […]

Prime minister fined and agrees to pay

NEWS ANALYSIS: “The law is the same for everyone, but not everyone is the same,” said a local Norwegian police chief, Ole B Sæverud, on Friday. That’s why only Prime Minister Erna Solberg is being fined (NOK 20,000) in connection with her 60th birthday party, arranged by her husband, that violated her own government’s strict […]

Erna lays plans to emerge from crisis

Prime Minister Erna Solberg presented a new four-step plan on Wednesday to gradually guide Norway out of the Corona crisis over the next three months. The current shutdown may start to ease from next week, with some sort of pre-Corona normality in place by mid- to late summer. Solberg stressed throughout her lengthy and surprisingly […]

Corona may finally kill off duty-free

Never before has the future of Norway’s admittedly “absurd” duty-free shopping system been more vulnerable to permanent shutdown. After living without travel abroad during the past Corona year, many claim the time is now ripe to do away with the duty-free quotas such travel has allowed. The debate over what Norwegians call “taxfree” has raged […]

Prime minister loses support

Conservatives leader Erna Solberg has ranked as a highly popular prime minister in recent years, until now. A new poll this week indicates she’s lost a lot of voter support just in the past month. The poll, conducted by research firm Norstat for state broadcaster NRK, shows Solberg’s voter support falling from 58 percent in […]

Russia reacting to NATO ‘provocation’

UPDATED: Norwegian fighter jets joined others from NATO allies in responding to Russia’s latest show of force over the North Sea, the North Atlantic and both the Baltic- and Black Sea this week. They tracked and flew up alongside at least 10 Russian bomber jets that were sent out shortly after NATO members’ meeting of […]

MP indicted on fraud charges

A Member of Parliament (MP) for the Labour Party has been indicted on charges of defrauding Parliament by filing multiple claims for false travel expenses. Hege Haukeland Liadal still claims she simply made mistakes and never intended to claim more money than she was owed. Prosecutors disagree. After investigating the charges first filed nearly two […]

Leader defends ‘radical’ agenda

Just before taking off on maternity leave, Greens leader Une Bastholm has had to fend off lots of negative reaction to the new platform hammered out by her party during the weekend. The Greens’ agenda has been deemed both far too radical and authoritarian by potential government partners. Bastholm has hoped to cooperate with both […]

Greens fade after alienating voters

NEWS ANALYSIS: Radical politics on both the climate and social fronts have cut the popularity of Norway’s Green Party by more than half in Oslo, arguably its most important election district. As the party gathered over the weekend for its annual national meeting, there was no sign of remorse or worry among party leadership but […]