Summits can make Norway stronger

NEWS ANALYSIS: When Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg walked into the NATO summit in Brussels last week, she’d already gained more backbone for her government’s own delicate dealings with China. New US President Joe Biden’s willingness to confront and criticize power-hungry Chinese leaders at the G7 summit the day before carried over to the subsequent […]

Norway continues careful reopening

Faced with rising criticism over its still-strict border control, the Norwegian government is easing some of its entry rules aimed at keeping Corona infection out of the country. That will allow some foreigners and returning Norwegian easier access, but rules remain highly complicated and subject to change at any time. “This is all about maintaining […]

Berg brings down Oslo’s government

NEWS ANALYSIS: Lan Marie Nguyen Berg of the Greens Party has long been one of Oslo’s most unrelenting and controversial politicians. Now she’s lost the confidence of an unusual majority on the Oslo City Council, throwing the entire city government into turmoil and bringing it down with her after she refused to resign her own […]

Oslo water project drains City Council

The scenic Holsfjord west of Oslo looks so peaceful, but a costly project to divert water from it to provide new drinking water reserves for the capital has set off a political crisis. Huge budget overruns looked likely on Tuesday afternoon to send the Greens Party’s already-controversial top politician in charge, and maybe the entire […]

Support soars for EU trade deal

A new survey shows that 62 percent of Norwegians still don’t want to join the EU, but record large numbers support Norway’s trade deal with the EU, known as the EØS/EEA agreement. Only 22 percent oppose it, bad news for the Center Party and others who complain that it forces EU policy upon them. The […]

Revised state budget won approval

Lower taxes on soft drinks, lower ferry fares and more funding for psychiatric care were what it took for the conservative government coalition to win support from the Progress Party for its revised state budget. Progress, which withdrew from the coalition early last year, also managed to get the government to remove six toll plazas […]

‘Embarrassing’ energy plan unveiled

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Norwegian government worked hard this week to put the best possible spin on its oil and energy plans for the future, while also learning that Norway’s carbon emissions have actually been higher than previously reported. “This is embarrassing and now it’s full alarm,” claimed the leader of Norway’s chapter of Friends of […]

Farmers seek help to care for animals

UPDATED: Shamed Norwegian farmers and the huge meat producer and market regulator they collectively own, Nortura, now admit that far too many animals are suffering under terrible conditions in barns around the country. They’re asking for more unannounced inspections of farms raising pork by Norway’s food safety authority Mattilsynet. “It’s important for us to have […]

Voters likely to opt for new government

NEWS ANALYSIS: Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, often branded as a populist leader of his rural-oriented Center Party, finally confirmed his ambitions to be Norway’s new prime minister over the weekend. That still may be a long shot, but public opinion polls now also confirm that the left-center side of Norwegian politics has far more support than […]

UK free trade deal wins muted support

There was little if any customary outrage when Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg presented a new free trade deal on Friday, this time with the UK. She called the agreement “historic,” criticism was largely restrained and even Norway’s chronically unhappy farm lobby called at least parts of  it “good.” Negotiations had, as usual, pitted Norway’s […]