New oil minister attracts attention

Norway’s controversial oil industry now has another new government minister to deal with, just a month after the last one had been appointed. Tina Bru, a 33-year-old rising star in the Conservative Party, has a greener profile than her predecessor but was nonetheless getting a warm welcome from the petroleum business. “This is extremely positive,” […]

Solberg overhauls her government

UPDATED: After two weeks of government turmoil, Prime Minister Erna Solberg unveiled a massive overhaul of her Conservatives-led coalition on Friday. It involves more than a dozen ministerial changes, all aimed at giving Solberg’s new three-party minority government more muscle in a highly fragmented Parliament, and at winning re-election in 2021. The day’s political upheaval […]

New coalition meets swift opposition

Even as Prime Minister Erna Solberg was thanking her former Progress Party partners after forming a new government on Friday, they were already striking back with critical remarks. Solberg’s new team was also blasted by other opposition parties in Parliament, as reaction to her new minotiry coalition streamed in. “Before I begin to go through […]

Spy gets millions in compensation

The Norwegian government has agreed to pay what convicted spy Frode Berg calls “generous” compensation, for the “ordeal” he was subjected to “during two years in a Russian prison.” Berg, who was arrested in Moscow in December 2017 and charged with espionage, says he now feels like the state is taking responsibility for a bungled […]

Defense faces new wave of demands

Norway will be maintaining its troops in Iraq, just as it faces allies’ requests for more troops in Mali and patrol vessels in the Persian Gulf. The latter has been turned down so far, as the defense department also faces myriad demands at home and prepares for new leadership. The requests and demands come amidst […]

Ex-justice minister’s partner indicted

Norway’s Director of Public Prosecution (Riksadvokaten) has indicted the long-time live-in partner of the Progress Party’s former justice minister, Tor Mikkel Wara, over what it calls an “attack on democracy.” She’s charged with staging a series of threatening events against their own home in Oslo, allegedly to make it look like they were under attack themselves. […]

Uncertainty rules as Progress regresses

Norway’s Progress Party is already shifting into regress mode, with its soon-to-be former Oil & Energy Minister Sylvi Listhaug leading the charge. Just days after storming out of the government, she’s vowing to scrap or reverse a lot of what her party approved as members of Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s conservative cabinet. Listhaug only lasted […]

Erna scrambles to replace ministers

Prime Minister Erna Solberg is having daily meetings with her government partners in a scramble to replace all the Progress Party ministers in her cabinet. She agreed that it’s “important” to get her new ministerial line-up in place “as quickly as possible.” Solberg, who heads the Conservatives, saw her former majority coalition collapse on Monday […]

Solberg keeps calm to try carrying on

NEWS ANALYSIS: Prime Minister Erna Solberg characteristically put the best possible spin on the loss Monday of her longest and biggest government partner. Solberg has no apparent intention, however, of stepping down after the Progress Party withdrew in a huff from her coalition, and she even thanked Progress and praised their contribution over the past […]

Progress leaves Solberg’s coalition

UPDATED: Prime Minister Erna Solberg has lost her majority in Parliament, almost one year to the day after finally won it. Progress Party leader Siv Jensen decided Monday to withdraw from Solberg’s conservative government coalition, after yet another conflict with Progress’ government partners. “I took the Progress Party into the government, now I’m taking Progress […]