Finance minister questioned over ‘hytte’

Norway’s finance minister, Siv Jensen, has been facing some questions over the financing of her own summer holiday cabin known as a hytte. Opposition politicians think she’s got a very sweet leasing deal with one of Norway’s wealthiest men, whom she also appointed to head the ethics council for Norway’s sovereign wealth fund known as […]

Parliament sharpens expense reporting rules

The president of the Norwegian Parliament, Tone Trøen, is ordering a full evaluation of the regulations for expense account reporting that apply to both Members of Parliament and non-elected employees of the legislative body. The evaulation comes after newspaper Aftenposten revealed how an MP for the Progress Party has been reimbursed for trips he never […]

Russia suddenly turns agreeable

Norwegian and Russian negotiators have shaken hands on new fishing quotas in the Barents Sea, agreeing on how much cod, halibut and other fish each can catch. Russian President Vladimir Putin also turned complimentary last week, when meeting Norway’s new ambassador in Moscow. “We want to develop a productive cooperation with our neighbour Norway,” Putin […]

Hareide scrambles to ward off defeat

NEWS ANALYSIS: Knut Arild Hareide, leader of the tiny and tormented Christian Democrats party, has set off a political earthquake in Norway that’s now left him scrambling to avoid being swallowed up by it. He called for a crisis meeting of the party’s board on Monday, following some stunning rejections during the weekend of his revelation […]

Russian spy suspect released

A security expert for the Russian Parliament (Duma) who was arrested on espionage charges in Oslo last month was a free man on Friday. Mikhail Botsjkarjov was released from custody and claimed he holds no grudge against Norwegian authorities. Botsjkarjov was stopped at Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen after he’d attended an EU-sponsored seminar held […]

Oslo court orders alleged spy’s release

A court in Oslo didn’t go along on Thursday with a request by Norway’s police intelligence service PST to keep an alleged Russian spy in custody any longer. Mikhail Botsjkarjov, a Russian security expert at Russia’s parliament in Moscow, said he now wants to travel home as soon as possible. PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste) had sought to […]

MP caught cheating on his expenses

UPDATED: A Member of Parliament for the Progress Party has admitted to submitting fraudulent expense accounts, after newspaper Aftenposten discovered how he had turned in a series of undocumented claims for reimbursement. MP Mazyar Keshvari, who sits on the Parliament’s own disciplinary committee, was himself reported to police on Thursday afternoon for collecting tens of […]

State visit ‘renews’ Chinese friendship

Norway’s King Harald V got some support from Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday, both in the literal and figurative sense. Xi reportedly slowed his pace and helped the 81-year-old monarch up some stairs during state visit ceremonies in Beijing, and confirmed that the two countries are friends again. “With this visit we are renewing […]

King to speak up while in China

Norway’s King Harald V was winning praise after he said he would bring up human rights concerns during a meeting with China’s authoritarian president Xi Jinping this week. Norway’s leader of Amnesty International called the king’s stated intention to be on the offensive “very gratifying.” The monarch, who is on a state visit to China […]

Teenagers have stopped smoking

Hardly any Norwegian teenagers smoke cigarettes any longer. After 20 years of tough restrictions against smoking, it seems today’s youngest generation never started in the first place. New statistics from a health care survey in the central Norwegian county of Trøndelag showed that the number of daily smokers aged 13 to 19 has fallen 11 […]