Thieves raid building sites

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Police in Romerike, northeast of Oslo, are investigating several incidents of theft from building sites in the area. Thieves have broken into containers and stolen equipment.

Local newspaper Romerikes Blad reported over the weekend that at least seven building sites have been raided in the past week. One site near the Olavsgaard Business Park in Skedsmo and another at Skårer in Lørenskog were hit late Thursday night.

“There have been several similar cases in recent days, and it’s natural to think they’re related,” Ronny Samuelsen, operations leader for the local police, told  Romerikes Blad. “That what the investigation needs to determine.”

The losses amount to more than just the value of the equipment and building material that has disappeared. The thefts have forced delays in work at the sites, while new tools and materials are ordered. staff