Leak may have set off hydrogen explosion

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A preliminary report on the hydrogen explosion at a filling station in Sandvika earlier this month ties it to a leak in a high-pressure storage tank. The report was conducted by security consultancy Gexcon for Nel ASA, the company that developed the technology at the filling station.

Police have said their own report on the explosion at a Uno-X station in Sandvika, west of Oslo, probably won’t be ready for several months. On Monday, though, Nel sent a notice to the stock exchange referring to the Gexcon report.

Investigations continue “to identify the root cause of the leak, as well as the souce of the ignition,” wrote Nel, quoting Geirmund Vislie of Gexcon.

To read the “status update” to the Oslo Stock Exchange, click here (external link to Nel’s own message).

newsinenglish.no staff