El-scooter rider killed in collision

A man in his 30s who was riding an electric scooter in Stavanger late Friday night collided with a car shortly after midnight. He was rushed to hospital but died from his injuries just before noon. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported on Saturday that police were called to the scene on Haugesundsgata in Stavanger’s Storhaug district […]

Heavy snow set off lots of traffic accidents

There were so many traffic accidents around Southern Norway on Friday that the police didn’t have capacity to attend to them all. They were issuing warnings against driving, just as thousands were heading out of town for the weekend. Problems resulted from already icy roads that then were covered with lots of snow. That left […]

Slide victims still feel insecure

It’s been a year since saturated ground literally gave way beneath a residential neighbourhood in Gjerdrum northeast of Oslo, destroying 31 homes, forcing the evacuation of 1,600 residents and killing 10 of them. Some still don’t feel safe in the area, as memorials in the small community got underway. There’s still a huge and gaping […]

Stranded motorists finally on their way

UPDATED: A heavy snowfall that created a huge traffic jam on the E18 highway near Tvedestrand in Southern Norway left an estimated 2,500 cars and their occupants stranded Tuesday afternoon and well into the night. Several electric cars ran out of battery power while others ran out of fuel, after sitting still for as long […]

Man convicted of drunken el-scooter use

A 38-year-old Norwegian man who ran into a pedestrian while operating an electric scooter in Oslo last summer has been convicted, sentenced to 15 days in jail and fined NOK 20,000 (USD 2,200). The person he hit was injured, but only stands to receive NOK 1,000 in compensation. News bureau NTB reported that the collision […]

Training flight crashed, three killed

A small plane with a flight instructor and two student pilots on board crashed shortly after takeoff from the Torp Airport in Sandefjord, southwest of Oslo, on Tuesday. All three were later found dead in a forested area near Larvik, and the founder of the flight school called it “a tragic accident.” No “mayday” warnings […]

Three caught in deadly current, waterfall

UPDATED: Three people out rowing in a boat on a mountain lake with a dog on board were swept away Sunday evening by a strong current that leads straight into a waterfall and then the rapids of a river below. A family member witnessed the accident, and all three remained missing Monday evening. By Tuesday morning, […]

‘Unusual’ erosion set off deadly mudslide

Real estate development and urbanization that led to “unusually powerful erosion” in and around a local creek is what set off last winter’s deadly mudslide in a residential area of Ask in Gjerdrum, north of Oslo. Ten people were killed in the terrifying slide that destroyed an entire neighbourhood in the middle of the night. […]

Minister ‘wakes up’ to el-scooter danger

Transport Minister Knut Arild Hareide now claims to be “deeply worried” over the ongoing rise in serious accidents involving electric scooters, and how they threaten the safety of pedestrians. Hareide’s new proposed restrictions on them were met by criticism that they’re too little, too late. “We want to congratulate Hareide over how he has finally […]

Strong winds hit Østlandet hard

A sudden onslaught of strong winds from the north toppled trees, shut down a major train line and left thousands in southeastern Norway without electricity on Wednesday. A storm at this time of year is unusual, and traffic officials were warning motorists to drive with care. The wind storm caused damage from Folldal in the […]