Minister ‘wakes up’ to el-scooter danger

Transport Minister Knut Arild Hareide now claims to be “deeply worried” over the ongoing rise in serious accidents involving electric scooters, and how they threaten the safety of pedestrians. Hareide’s new proposed restrictions on them were met by criticism that they’re too little, too late. “We want to congratulate Hareide over how he has finally […]

Strong winds hit Østlandet hard

A sudden onslaught of strong winds from the north toppled trees, shut down a major train line and left thousands in southeastern Norway without electricity on Wednesday. A storm at this time of year is unusual, and traffic officials were warning motorists to drive with care. The wind storm caused damage from Folldal in the […]

Three brothers killed in car crash

A collision between a car and a truck on the two-lane RV7 highway in Hallingdal Monday night killed all three young men riding in the car. They were all brothers in the same family living in the small communities of Krødsherad and Flå. “We’re small municipalities and many knew those who were killed,”the  local mayor, […]

Hurtigruten ran into trouble again

UPDATED: Norway’s coastal shipping line Hurtigruten, tarnished by its failure to reveal Corona infection on board some of its ships last year, sailed into more trouble during the night but avoided running aground. Its MS Kong Harald lost engine power in the middle of a notoriously stormy area with rough seas, setting off a massive […]

Hit-and-run scooter driver fined

Police in Bergen have fined a man in his 50s NOK 13,000 (USD 1,600) for allegedly hitting a toddler on a public square in Bergen while riding an electric scooter and then fleeing the scene. The suspect denied he hit the one-year-old boy but witnesses and surveillance video suggest otherwise. The little boy and his […]

El-scooter chaos all summer long

There are now an estimated 30,000 electric scooters zipping along on Oslo’s streets and sidewalks, scaring pedestrians and causing a new rash of serious injuries. City officials now claim they’ll ban the scooters from operating after 11pm from September, in an effort to keep drunk riders from injuring themselves and others, but fear chaos through […]

Sisters killed by lightning

Flags were flying at half-mast on Monday in the coastal community of Hareid, southwest of Ålesund, after three sisters from Oslo were struck by lightning while climbing to the summit of Melshornet. Two of the sisters, aged 12 and 18, were killed and the third badly injured. All were active in the Oslo sports club […]

Equinor cost cuts tied to safety issues

The new CEO at troubled state oil company Equinor has conceded that the cost-cutting program he led during the last oil crisis may have weakened safety at some company facilities. Now the state is also toughening up on some of Equinor’s accounting and reporting procedures. There seems to be no end to the criticism directed […]

Two men killed in avalanche

Another avalanche crashed down a mountainside in the popular skiing destination of Lyngen in Troms, Northern Norway, on Saturday. Two men from Tromsø got caught in it, and were declared dead at the scene. The weather was clear and sunny, tempting skiers and trekkers out for what’s called a topptur in Norway: trudging up the […]

Complaints pile up against Equinor

Environmental organizations and some stock analysts are complaining that troubled state oil company Equinor isn’t disclosing all its carbon emissions to the public and investors. Meanwhile, concerns over cost-cutting and a lack of maintenance at various facilities continue to rise, while Equinor itself has postponed a reopening of its Hammerfest LNG gas plant on the […]