Equinor’s Melkøya fire under investigation

A spokewoman for Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority called a fire Monday at Equinor’s gas plant on the island of Melkøya off Hammerfest “one of the most serious incidents in Norwegian petroleum history.” A  full investigation was underway, to find out how it could have begun to burn. “A fire of this extent is very serious,” […]

Fire at Equinor’s gas plant ‘very serious’

A fire in a turbine at Norwegian state oil company Equinor’s gas plant on the island of Melkøya off Hammerfest on Monday afternoon was the latest of several “serious incidents,” claimed one of the labour unions representing workers. All employees were evacuated and the fire was eventually extinguished. Details remained sketchy Monday evening, but thick […]

Frigate sank after rules were broken

Fully 53 of 88 applicable safety rules and “barriers” were broken before one of Norway’s five frigates collided with an oil tanker near its home port nearly two years ago. The Norwegian defense department’s own report also noted that the crew on the bridge of the KNM Helge Ingstad had little experience. “Even though all […]

Police act after el-scooter injuries soar

Oslo police have started issuing citations to reckless el-scooter riders and may even revoke the driver’s license of one young man who ran a red light and was hit by a car. His injuries over the weekend added to several other serious accidents just since Friday. “The car had a green light while the el-scooter […]

Missing woman’s remains finally found

Police confirmed on Tuesday that human remains found in the mountains above Ørsta on Norway’s northwest coast are that of a 25-year-old woman from Poland who set off on what was supposed to be short hike in November 2018. She never returned. DNA analysis of the remains found by another hiker on June 5 matched […]

Jetski accidents turn fatal again

Maritime authorities are concerned after two accidents involving jetskis (called vannscootere in Norwegian) killed two men in their 30s near Fredrikstand during the weekend. In another accident on the fjord off Sykkelven in Sunnmøre, two men were rushed to hospital by ambulance and air ambulance after suffering serious injuries. “We see that more people are […]

Lots to be learned from earlier crises

NEWS ANALYSIS: It’s almost eerie how Norway has had to mark significant anniversaries of three major crises just in the past two weeks, and right in the middle of the current Corona virus crisis. Valuable lessons can be learned from them all. The sun was shining brilliantly over Oslo’s historic Akerhus Fortress on Thursday, the […]

Polish tourist died in the mountains

Four tourists from Poland ran into trouble while skiing near Hallingskarvet near Geilo last weekend. Caught in bad weather on their way to a cabin, they spent the night in a tent but one of them left to try to find the cabin, and that proved fatal. News bureau NTB reported this week that rescue […]

Avalanche victims lacked location devices

Two German tourists killed in an avalanche on Svalbard Thursday were not equipped with electronic devices that could help them be located under the mounds of snow and ice. Both were found and dug out after an hour of searching, but emergency crews later had to declare both dead at the scene. The two avalanche […]

Excavator sets off flood in Oslo

Work crews accidentally dug into a water main at Voldsløkka in Oslo Monday afternoon, sending torrents of water south towards downtown and flooding the major Ring 2 east-west artery during the height of the commuter rush. Six major bus lines were disrupted and police closed Ring 2. Water was as high as signposts in some […]