Norway cold from north to south

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Sub-freezing temperatures have set in over most of the country, with record amounts of snow piling up in Tromsø. Snow was also expected over much of Southern Norway on Friday and early next week.

It’s been 97 years since it last snowed so much in the autumn in Tromsø. Snow depths have registered 70cm (nearly two feet) even in the downtown area. “We had to go to the history books to find anything close,” Geir Ottar Fagerlid of the state Meteorologic Institute told news bureau NTB. “The last time we had so much snow in Tromsø so early in the autumn was in 1922.”

It’s also been snowing for several days in Svalbard, while it’s due to let up in Northern Norway towards the weekend. Temperatures have fallen as low as minus-30C on Finnmarksvidda.

The first snow since last winter is now due to fall over Southern Norway, with 10-15 centimeters expected from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon east of Oslo and especially in the Trysil area. staff