Armed, uniformed man arrested at school

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Police in Trondheim arrested a young Norwegian man in an armed operation at a local high school on Wednesday. The man, who turned out to be former student, was dressed in military camouflage and carrying ammunition and a knife.

Alarms rang just before noon, when state broadcaster NRK reported that police had received a call from the principal at Charlottenlund videregående skole, that an armed man had been observed on the campus. Response was swift, after recent threats posed against various schools around the country.

When armed police approached the young man, he reportedly ran off but was quickly seized, arrested and charged with making threats. He was taken into custody and faced questioning Wednesday evening, once a defense attorney had been appointed. NRK reported that the defendant, who lives in the surrounding county of Trøndelag, was a former student at the school.

All classes were suspended during the drama, but instruction resumed around 1pm and there were no injuries. staff