Ullevål braced for any Wuhan virus cases

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Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo and health officials around Norway contend they’re prepared to deal with any outbreaks of what’s now being called the Wuhan virus, especially after the first case was confirmed in neighbouring Sweden over the weekend.

Ullevål reports having isolation rooms ready to house and treat Wuhan/Corona virus patients. Health Minister Bent Høie also reported how health care services around Norway have set up a system to register cases of the virus in the state register of contagious diseases.

“That can help limit infection of others and prevent any major breakout in Norway,” Høie said. “It makes us better prepared to deal with this.”

Norwegian health care officials are also following the spread of the virus closely and staying in close tough with colleagues abroad to share information. Experts predict the virus will come to Norway eventually. The public health institute has already run tests in a few suspicious cases but no one tested positive.

newsinenglish.no staff