Air ambulance fleet under fire

With nearly half its air ambulance fleet grounded because of “technical difficulties,” criticism was pouring in on Monday against new operator Babcock. Preparedness was at a critically minimum level in Northern Norway and doctors were ringing alarms. Health Minister Bent Høie was accused of not fully realizing how precarious the situation was in Finnmark, while […]

Alarms ring at nursing homes

Violence has become all too common at Norway’s 942 nursing homes, most of them publicly owned and operated. They house around 40,000 elderly Norwegians, 80 percent of whom suffer from severe dementia but can still be physically strong. That’s resulting in widespread violence that’s been charted and reported by newspaper Aftenposten for the first time. […]

Norway raises own opioid alarm

Norwegian researchers are sounding alarms over a sharp rise in the use of the painkiller Oksykodon. It’s now eight times as high as it was just 15 years ago, with doctors apparently unaware of how addictive it can be. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reports that the drug is the same as one tied to an epidemic […]

State to launch colon cancer screening

Starting next year, all men and women in Norway will be called in for colon cancer screening when they turn 55. It’s part of a new national health effort to detect colon cancer early, and save lives. Funding to make a successful pilot program permanent was included in the government’s proposed state budget for 2020 […]

Ousted hospital boss paid to leave

UPDATED: Criticism was flying this week after another top public official had to resign amidst great conflict but nonetheless quickly was granted another public sector job with a big paycheck. This time the man in question is Dr Bjørn Erikstein, who resigned under pressure Monday as director of the Oslo University Hospitals (OUS) and ultimately […]

Hospital shutdown meets more protests

A decision by regional health authorities to eventually shut down Norway’s largest hospital, Ullevål in Oslo, and split its functions between two new facilities has angered Ullevål employees and others who’ve opposed the plan for years. As calls went out to fire the director of the Oslo University Hospitals including Ullevål, others believe it is […]

E-coli found in the water on Utsira

It ranks as Norway’s smallest municipality, but the island community of Utsira was in the news on Wednesday as a new victim of contaminated drinking water. The roughly 200 people living on Utsira, plus visitors, were told to boil their water after local officials found traces of E-coli bacteria in it. Wind-swept Utsira, about an […]

Water crisis jars officials into action

The small community of Askøy on Norway’s West Coast is gathering residents for public meetings this week to calm fears after the local drinking water supply was contaminated. The Askøy crisis has shaken waterworks officials all over the country who have long postponed needed maintenance. “Both parents and children are scared,” Askøy’s acting mayor Bård […]

Bad water may have claimed new victim

A Haukeland University Hospital patient from Askøy who’d been admitted with stomach and intestinal infections has died. Askøy, just north of Bergen, has been plagued by contaminated water that’s already believed to have killed a one-year-old boy. Haukeland, the main hospital for the Bergen area, reported in a press release Thursday that tests conducted on […]

2,000 now ill from contaminated water

A holding pool for drinking water in Askøy outside Bergen hadn’t been inspected for several years. Around 2,000 local residents had fallen ill as of Sunday evening, after the water was found to have been contaminated by the E-coli bacteria. Askøy’s acting mayor confirmed during the Whitsund holiday weekend that no tests are likely to […]