Hospital nurses remain on strike

Norwegian nurses working at state-run hospitals remained on strike heading into the weekend, even after their colleagues at the local level were ordered back to work. The state nurses may also wind up being forced into compulsory arbitration, if their strike is deemed to pose a threat to life and health. “We really don’t have […]

More teachers and nurses go on strike

UPDATED: More than 600 teachers, day care workers and health care professionals in Oslo have joined 7,390 others who went on strike around Norway Thursday morning, after they failed to win the pay raises they claim they deserve. Their leader admitted it’s “extra difficult” to strike in a pandemic, and stressed that Corona care would […]

Infection rate now outpaces Sweden’s

Norway has had among the lowest Corona infection rates in Europe, and much lower than in neighbouring Sweden. Not anymore. That changed over the weekend and on Monday, another Norwegian died, raising fears of tougher restrictions to stop the spread. “The situation is serious,” said Bergen Mayor Roger Valhammer, who was gravely serious himself at […]

Corona testing fails to meet demands

None of Norway’s major cities meets new Corona virus testing demands, and state Health Director Bjørn Guldvog fears Oslo is losing control over how infection is spreading. Lots of other municipalities in Norway are also struggling to test at least 5 percent of their resident population per week. “I’m uneasy,” Guldvog told newspaper Aftenposten on […]

Nurses want more than applause

Norwegian nurses been flattered by applause from the public, praise in the media and even a video greeting of gratitude last week from Queen Sonja. That doesn’t pay the rent, though, and Norway’s national nurses’ union isn’t ruling out a strike this fall if their pay growth declines. “We expect a wage settlement that reflects […]

More protective garments arrive

New supplies of protective garments and gear for medical personnel were being trucked out to hospitals all over Norway on Monday. Included among the replenishments is around a million face masks. Prime Minister Erna Solberg was among those relieved, after concerns of looming shortages as the Corona virus spreads and more patients are admitted to […]

Norway shuts down to control Corona

Restaurants, cafés, bars, schools, day care centers and many companies all over Norway were being urged if not ordered to close or dramatically limit operations on Thursday afternoon. Prime Minister Erna Solberg candidly admitted that new preventive measures aimed at controlling the spread of the Corona virus are the “strictest and most invasive” imposed on […]

No Birkebeiner as Corona spreads

The Corona virus has “entered a new phase” in Norway, public health officials declared Tuesday evening. New cases can’t be traced to infection abroad, and now even the traditional Birkebeiner ski race has been cancelled to discourage crowds and hinder the virus from spreading. As the number of Norwegians infected with Corona hit 277, much […]

Health minister faced a grilling

The Conservatives’ Bent Høie has ranked as Norway’s longest-serving health minister, but was told in Parliament Tuesday that public confidence in his efforts to battle the Corona virus is “fragile.” Complaints have been rising that health authorities lack a united front, meaning that measures aimed at halting the spread of the virus vary from region […]

As Corona spreads, shortages arise

Questions continue to fly over how well-prepared Norwegian hospitals and public health services have really been for a public health emergency like the Corona virus. As it continues to spread around the country, shortages of protective clothing, equipment and even testing capacity “can cause considerable problems,” admits state health director Dr Bjørn Guldvog. “This is […]