Norwegian research aids bipolar patients

An international association is recommending use of a Norwegian treatment for patients with a bipolar disorder that’s deceptively simple: those using glasses with orange lenses that block out blue light became much better. “It didn’t take longer than a few minutes after putting on the glasses that I felt the whole world calmed down,” one […]

Air ambulances grounded again

After finally settling technical problems tied to its fleet of air ambulances in Northern Norway, ambulance operator Babcock now faces another problem: sick pilots. The lack of pilots to fly Babcock’s air ambulances left them grounded again this week. “This is an unfortunate situation,” Maria Jahrmann Bjerke, a state secretary in the health ministry, told […]

Government boosts air ambulance fleet

Health Minister Bent Høie responded on Wednesday to harsh criticism over a lack of adequate air ambulance service in Northern Norway. He’s sending in extra aircraft and a military helicopter to offset technical trouble in the fleet of new air ambulance provider Babcock. “The people of Northern Norway are worried about preparedness,” Høie said at […]

Babcock apologizes for air ambulance crisis

Swedish ambulance service Babcock has put five extra aircraft on reserve but faces major expenses after struggling to deal with technical problems within its fleet of air ambulances for Northern Norway. Babcock’s pilots, meanwhile, complained on Friday that they weren’t told about the technical problems and only read about them in the media. “This is […]

Air ambulance fleet under fire

With nearly half its air ambulance fleet grounded because of “technical difficulties,” criticism was pouring in on Monday against new operator Babcock. Preparedness was at a critically minimum level in Northern Norway and doctors were ringing alarms. Health Minister Bent Høie was accused of not fully realizing how precarious the situation was in Finnmark, while […]

Alarms ring at nursing homes

Violence has become all too common at Norway’s 942 nursing homes, most of them publicly owned and operated. They house around 40,000 elderly Norwegians, 80 percent of whom suffer from severe dementia but can still be physically strong. That’s resulting in widespread violence that’s been charted and reported by newspaper Aftenposten for the first time. […]

Norway raises own opioid alarm

Norwegian researchers are sounding alarms over a sharp rise in the use of the painkiller Oksykodon. It’s now eight times as high as it was just 15 years ago, with doctors apparently unaware of how addictive it can be. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reports that the drug is the same as one tied to an epidemic […]

State to launch colon cancer screening

Starting next year, all men and women in Norway will be called in for colon cancer screening when they turn 55. It’s part of a new national health effort to detect colon cancer early, and save lives. Funding to make a successful pilot program permanent was included in the government’s proposed state budget for 2020 […]

Ousted hospital boss paid to leave

UPDATED: Criticism was flying this week after another top public official had to resign amidst great conflict but nonetheless quickly was granted another public sector job with a big paycheck. This time the man in question is Dr Bjørn Erikstein, who resigned under pressure Monday as director of the Oslo University Hospitals (OUS) and ultimately […]

Hospital shutdown meets more protests

A decision by regional health authorities to eventually shut down Norway’s largest hospital, Ullevål in Oslo, and split its functions between two new facilities has angered Ullevål employees and others who’ve opposed the plan for years. As calls went out to fire the director of the Oslo University Hospitals including Ullevål, others believe it is […]