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Monday, March 4, 2024

Mourinho interview raises eyebrows

Norwegian football fans were still muttering this week over what they consider unprofessional and even embarrassing behaviour on the part of Roma manager José Mourinho. After the relatively small northern football club Bodø/Glimt humiliated Roma on home turf last month, and then shook them up again last week, commentators  think Mourinho has now embarrassed himself.

They’re referring to Mourinho’s comments and attitude in an interview with Viasats’ Jan Åge Fjørtoft, after Roma had failed to beat Bodø/Glimt once again, this time on their own home turf in Rome. When the match ended 2-2, Fjørtoft asked Mourinho for his assessment, even flattering Mourinho by referring to him as “the boss.”

Mourinho reponded by blaming the referees for failing to penalize Bodø/Glimt, and questioning whether Fjørtoft, a former professional football player himself, had even been watching. That didn’t sit well with those who claim Bodø/Glimt played well, impressed even Roma fans and have charmed other football fans around Europe.

“The problem for Roma last Thursday night wasn’t that they were robbed by the referees,” wrote commentator Daniel Røed-Johansen in newspaper Aftenposten. “Their problem was they didn’t play well enough.” He noted that Mourinho also made excuses after losing badly to Bodø/Glimt in the northern city of Bodø, blaming the Bodø stadium’s artificial turf, cold weather and reserve players. That didn’t apply in Rome. staff



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