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Monday, May 20, 2024

Bunker party organizers sentenced to jail

Two young men who organized what they called a “Rave Cave” party in an abandoned underground bunker in Oslo have been convicted and handed 18-month prison sentences. They were jailed for negligently using power generators that emitted carbon monoxide, poisoning dozens of party-goers and leaving two critically injured.

The men, both in their 20s, had broken into the bunker at St Hanshaugen in Oslo to use it for the illegal party in the summer of 2020, after months of Corona virus restrictions. As many as 200 young people took part until some became visibly ill and began fainting. Several made it outside, where a police patrol coincidentally encountered them and quickly summoned emergency crews.

It ended with 26 of the party guests in hospital, several with brain inuries. A total of five young men were initially charged, but two were ultimately convicted based on what prosecutors called the “decisive roles” they held in handling the generator, setting up the party and choosing its location. The five had also organized other secret and illegal parties in the Norwegian capital.

The two men were also ordered to pay NOK 250,000 in compensation to those critically injured. The Oslo County Court ruled that they were guilty of “gross negligence by arranging the party such as they had, with use of generators indoors.” staff



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