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Taxes dominate in ‘Erna vs Jonas’

NEWS ANALYSIS: Prime Minister Erna Solberg of the Conservatives and her challenger Jonas Gahr Støre of Labour faced off in their first major debate of the campaign season Wednesday morning. Tax issues dominated, as Solberg wants to keep trimming them and Støre wants to raise them, both in an effort to preserve the welfare state. It […]

Taxes can usher in sharing economy

A government-appointed commission has cleared the way for the sharing economy to spread in Norway, as long as new services like Airbnb lodging and Uber transport are taxed. The commission believes such services provide more competition and offer more choices for consumers, but labour unions and not least the taxi industry raised immediate objections. The commission’s report may, as newspaper Aftenposten […]

‘Envy fuels higher taxes on Teslas’

Abid Raja, a Member of Parliament for the Liberal Party, was quick to blast a proposal by the Labour Party to eliminate some of the tax incentives that currently apply to the popular and luxurious electric Tesla cars. He drives a Tesla himself, and ties the higher tax proposal to sheer envy. “As long as folks […]

Taxes and fees snag new budget talks

Norway’s two government coalition parties and their two support parties are huddling once again in an effort to agree on a new state budget for next year, but fees and especially proposed taxes on fuel and financial services are gumming up the works. They’re also arguing over how “green” the budget needs to be. Budget negotiations were […]

Fuel taxes spark new budget battle

Norway’s minority government coalition is poised for yet another battle over the state budget in Parliament, also with its two support parties. This time the battle will be over fuel taxes and the costs of driving, with the conservative government parties proposing a non-negotiable overall decrease that’s not likely to satisfy either the Liberals or the Christian […]

New taxes clicked in on January 1

The cost of some luxury cars declined after New Year but it will be more expensive to go to the movies, museums, the theater or amusement parks in Norway, all because of new taxes and fees that took effect on January 1. One of the biggest changes is a boost in the tax (VAT) charged on […]

‘Expansive’ budget despite lower taxes

The Norwegian government’s new state budget proposal for 2016 was rolled out on Wednesday amidst finance ministry claims it will lower taxes for nine out of 10 Norwegians, yet generate enough growth to fund new job creation and strengthen the country’s “social security net.” Here are some of the highlights of the minority conservative coalition’s budget proposal, which amounts […]

State oil company keen to avoid taxes

Statoil, Norway’s state-controlled oil company, was threatening this week to move some of its operations out of Norway if the government goes through with new tax regulations that would leave Statoil with a much bigger tax bill. Statoil executives aren’t at all happy with the government’s proposed new rules for taxing oil operations abroad. The […]

Restaurants caught evading taxes

City officials in Oslo are threatening to withhold liquor licenses for cafés, bars and restaurants caught cheating on their taxes, after authorities uncovered accounting irregularities at more than half of all eating establishments that were audited last year. It’s suspected that most of the irregularities were an attempt to evade taxes, since they involved underreporting […]

Study shows taxes not so high

Norway is often viewed as a high-cost and high-tax country, but a new study by accounting and consulting firm KPMG suggests otherwise. Norway wound up far down the list of countries when ranked by effective taxes and fees. Belgium topped the list, with an effective overall tax rate of 34.8 percent and social security fees […]