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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Bittersweet comeback for sugar taxes

Norwegian health authorities want state politicians to reimpose the country’s controversial taxes on sugar. That would boost prices on all food and drink that contains sugar and, argue opponents, simply send more Norwegians over the border to shop in Sweden.

Norway still taxes sugar itself, but there also were additional taxes on sugar contained in soft drinks, chocolate and candy. They were repealed by the former Conservatives-led government last year but now, reports newspaper Aftenposten, health professionals are mounting efforts to reinstate them.

There are some major players backing the call for sugar taxes, including Norway’s national cancer foundation (Kreftforeningen), the national associations for both diabetes and heart and lung disease, and the Norwegian Dental Association (Tannlegeforeningen). Such professional organizations normally carry a lot of weight and enjoy high credibility. All of them opposed the former Conservatives-led government’s repeal of sugar taxes on chocolate and candy in January 2021 and on non-alcoholic drinks last July.

National employers’ organization NHO and the Norway’s beverage industry oppose the extra sugar taxes, pointing not least to a jump in sugar-free drinks. The issue is currently out to hearing. staff




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