Dane shot famed albino moose

Moose lovers were mourning the highly publicized loss this week of Norway’s near-legendary albino moose, killed by a Danish hunter who reportedly has few regrets. The moose wandered into his hunting area southeast of Oslo and he simply pulled the trigger. Most Norwegian newspapers carried stories on Thursday about the hunting incident near Spydeberg, Østfold […]

Moose suddenly went on attack

A moose out grazing this week on the lush vegetation of what’s normally a downhill ski run in the winter suddenly attacked a female athlete who was part of a group competing in a race up the hill. It’s become popular in recent years for Norwegians to run up steep ski runs, part of a […]

Moose hunt best up north

The official figures are in from Norway’s annual moose hunt, and the number of the large animals shot increased the most in the country’s northern counties. Hedmark, however, continues to top the statistics. Hunters in the large eastern county of Hedmark, which runs along the Swedish border, shot around 8,000 moose during the hunt that […]

Another moose shot in Oslo

Yet another moose wandered too far from the safer forests around Norway’s capital on Friday, and ended having to be shot on a street in the busy Majorstuen neighborhood of Oslo. The moose was first spotted around the parking lot of Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK)’s headquarters at Marienlyst around midday. More calls came in to the […]

Moose most dangerous in full moon

Researchers at a college in the eastern Norwegian county of Hedmark (Høyskølen i Hedmark) have determined that moose are most dangerous in the full moon. Not because they start howling or become aggressive, but because that’s when the most vehicular collisions with moose occur. Accident statistics from insurance company Tryg show that the danger of […]

Southern moose have poorer health

Research into moose in Norway suggests that those roaming the forests of the south suffer from a host of physical ailments and disadvantages not found in their northern cousins. Among the differences identified in recent studies, southern moose weighed 20 kilograms less on average than northern moose of the same age, and also had far […]

Moose antlers to secure local highway

State transportation authorities have come up with another unique attempt to reduce collisions between moose and man in Norway. They intend to hang up brightly colored moose antlers along a stretch of accident-prone highway, to get motorists to be more aware of the moose that may be lurking in the bush. Not all politicians think […]

Moose crashes into car dealership

Customers and staff at a car dealership at Rolvsøy in Fredrikstad, southern Norway, were understandably startled when a moose suddenly ran through the gate leading into the showroom over the weekend. The website for newspaper Fredriksstad Blad reported that the showroom was full of cars and several of them sustained considerable damage during the moose’s […]

New albino moose sighting

An albino moose that’s been sighted several time around Hobøl, southeast of Oslo, may have had an offspring, reports the web site for local newspaper Moss Avis. A white moose calf has been observed in the rural community, which lies in Østfold County, leading some to think that the fully grown moose known as “Albin” […]

Moose mayhem at the market

Customers at a grocery store in the southeastern Norwegian city of Kongsvinger got quite a surprise on Tuesday, when a moose calf marched into the market and made quite a mess. The moose first made its way into the local shopping center called Sundehjørnet, making a stop at the flower shop and the bakery before […]