Carlsen captured big TV audience

More than half-a-million Norwegians were glued to their televisions this week when their home-grown chess sensation Magnus Carlsen battled to retain his title as World Chess Champion. The viewer numbers set a new record for Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). The state broadcaster registered around 557,000 viewers when Carlsen went into overtime action against challenger Fabiano Caruana, while […]

Carlsen: ‘I never felt I was in danger’

Norway’s World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen pulled it off again. “I never felt I was in danger,” he told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) after winning his fourth World Championship title in a row over challenger Fabiano Caruana on Wednesday night. “It was alpha and omega that I won,” Carlsen said when it was all over and […]

Carlsen, Caruana to battle in overtime

Neither Norway’s Magnus Carlsen nor the US’ Fabiano Caruana managed to win any of the first 12 games in the World Chess Championships in London this month. After tying once again on Monday, the two will now head into overtime play on Wednesday. That will involve four games of rapid chess. If it’s still a […]

Northug prepares for new ‘after-ski’

Norway’s bad boy of skiing, Petter Northug, has been unusually humble and self-deprecating in recent weeks, as his hopes for a comeback on the ski trails melt before his very eyes. He even admitted to things looking “hopeless” over the weekend, but he’s scoring some success as an author and gearing up for a new […]

Doctor downplays Carlsen’s blackeye

Magnus Carlsen was sporting a blackeye as he geared up for another round of competition at the World Chess Championships in London on Wednesday. He joked himself on social media that “the match is heating up,” while his doctor didn’t think his injury sustained on the players’ day off would cause any problems when more […]

Carlsen’s critics drum up ‘crisis’

Norway’s reigning chess champion was settling into another day of competion at the World Chess Championships in London on Monday, after having to all but bulldoze his way through thick criticism and questions. No one can understand why he hasn’t won a single game so far, after seven chances. “It has looked like he had […]

Norway’s chess champ challenged

UPDATED: Magnus Carlsen was facing his toughest challenge yet as he headed into the World Chess Championship that started up in London on Friday. At the end of weekend action, the score was 1-1, while many think Norway’s reigning world champion has met his proverbial match in challenger Fabiano Caruana. “We’re all very nervous,” Simen […]

Svindal wants to ski another season

Norway’s veteran downhill skiing star Axel Lund Svindal had some good news for fans this week, if not competitors. The 35-year-old alpine champion intends to take part in the upcoming racing season, and lunge out of the starting gate at Lake Louise in Canada late next month. Svindal plans to defy lingering effects of injuries […]

Mystery donor leaves lots of cash

Someone wants to contribute financially to a local athletics organization in the West Coast community of Varhaug. He or she is doing it by leaving hundreds of thousands of kroner in the mailbox of the sports group’s leader. The first packet of money arrived in 2014, in the mailbox at the home of the organization’s […]

New book sends hikers into ‘marka’

SEE  THE VIDEO: Hundreds of the most avid hikers and skiers in the Oslo area flocked to a hillside in the valley of Sørkedalen last weekend. They’d been eagerly awaiting release of the local ski association’s new Kjentmannsmerket Handbook, full of 50 new destinations, to become even better kjent (acquainted) with the great and nearby outdoors known […]