Ambulance hijacker ‘didn’t mean to hurt anyone’

The defense attorney for a 32-year-old Norwegian man who hijacked an ambulance earlier this week and led police on a dramatic chase around a busy residential area claims he “had no intention of harming anyone.” Now the man, who has a long criminal record, will likely be kept in jail at least for longer than […]

Hijacker charged with attempted murder

UPDATED: Drama played out on the streets of Oslo Tuesday after a 32-year-old Norwegian man crashed his car and then hijacked an ambulance in the city’s Torshov district. The hijacker then intentionally tried to run down several people and a baby carriage before police shot at its tires and made an arrest.  State broadcaster NRK […]

Probe underway into oil tanker explosion

Oslo-based Stolt Tankers, part of the Stolt-Nielsen shipping concern, was thanking rescue services at the Port of Ulsan in South Korea after one of its oil tankers exploded while berthed over the weekend. Stolt hailed the authorities’ “immediate response to this serious situation.” The company said it had mobilized a “multi-national team of internal and external […]

Trawler drama sparked trauma

A Russian trawler capsized at a pier in Tromsø late Thursday morning after first catching fire on Wednesday and burning through the night. The drama forced local evacuations, caused major problems for Northern Norway’s biggest hospital nearby and set off fears of both an explosion and oil spills. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), which followed the drama […]

Landslide forces more evacuations

Residents of around 25 houses in Nittedal just north of Oslo don’t know when they’ll be able to return to their homes after a landslide earlier this week left a huge hole near the communitiy of Hagan. Damage to infrastructure also left large portions of Nittedal as far north as Hakadal without electricity or water. […]

Equinor vows to clean up oil spill

Norway’s state oil company Equinor (ex-Statoil) was being bashed by environmentalists over the weekend for failing to better secure its oil terminal in the Bahamas. Last week’s devastating Hurricane Dorian ripped the covers off oil storage tanks, resulting in an oil spill that Equinor itself reports is around 1.3 kilometers long. “This is a catastrophe, […]

Alta in mourning, campaign halted

All the political parties in Norway’s northern city of Alta have halted their election campaigns following a helicopter crash during the weekend that killed everyone on board. Among the victims were the son and niece of local Progress Party politician Ronny Berg.  “We all think that it just feels completely wrong to keep campaigning in […]

Electric plane crashed into lake

Norway’s much-hyped and only electric aircraft lost power while making the latest in a round of promotional flights on Wednesday. At the helm was the head of Norway’s state airports agency, who survived the crash unscathed along with a top politician flying with him. Avinor chief Dag Falk-Petersen admitted to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that ending […]

Local mayor dies in boat accident

Members of Norway’s hard-pressed Labour Party were among those in mourning on Thursday, after one of their local mayors was killed in a boat accident during the night. Her partner, who also served as a top local official, was killed as well. Ingrid Aune, the 33-year-old mayor of Malvik just east of Trondheim, and her […]

Critics blast latest digital breakdown

Hundreds of people in Jølster and the emergency crews trying to help them this week had to cope with a digital collapse, after extreme weather and a series of landslides left them not only without power, but also mobile phone coverage and Internet access. The government is now demanding better preparedness from telecoms firms. “We are […]