Two killed in another avalanche

Two Norwegian men were killed in an avalanche in Nordland County Tuesday afternoon. They were each operating excavators in an effort to open a local road after the winter when the avalanche came crashing down. The alarm sounded at around noon, and the emergency response was swift with both police, ambulances, volunteers and a SeaKing […]

Investigation begins into cruise drama

Norway’s accident investigations board and the maritime directorate have already launched a probe into why all four engines stalled on the relatively new cruiseship Viking Sky while it was crossing a stormy stretch of sea off the West Coast. Questions are also flying as to why the cruiseship, with nearly 1,400 people on board, kept […]

Rescue operation wins tributes

Grateful passengers couldn’t seem to praise Norwegian search and rescue efforts enough on Sunday, after the dramatic near-grounding of their cruiseship in a major storm on Saturday. As one man put it, “I didn’t see much of the Northern Lights, but I met the Norwegian people.” Hui Boon Tan gave a lengthy, articulate and heartfelt […]

Stricken cruiseship nearly grounded

The drama on high seas off Norway this weekend narrowly avoided turning into utter tragedy. Maritime experts believe the cruiseship Viking Sky with 1,373 people on board was only 100 meters away from grounding on rocks in a notorious bay off Romsdal. The vessel sent out Mayday messages around 2pm Saturday, reporting that it was in […]

Cruise passengers’ dramatic evacuation

UPDATED: One by one, horrified passengers were being evacuated by helicopter from the cruiseship Viking Sky after it was hit by engine failure in stormy seas just off Norway’s West Coast on Saturday. Despite several hours of rescue efforts, only around 160 passengers had been brought to safety by midnight, while around 1,100 people remained […]

Truck collision left young man dead

A collision earlier this winter between a car and a large truck on slippery roads in Northern Norway set off a national debate over commercial vehicles that aren’t well-enough equipped for winter driving conditions. Now the young man in the car has died from the serious injuries he sustained in the collision. The death of […]

High court rejects reckless skiing appeal

Norway’s Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal from a 19-year-old skier who crashed into a young girl on an alpine slope and injured her for life. The 19-year-old was sentenced to 18 days in jail and ordered to pay NOK 75,000 after the reckless skiing incident in Telemark in February 2017. The victim […]

Costs pile up for Norwegian Air

With its large fleet of now-grounded Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, Norwegian Air suddenly faces highly uncertain operations and more financial concerns in the months ahead. Securities analysts in Norway are worried about the airline’s market value and unforeseen costs that may amount to as much as NOK 15 million per day. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv […]

Norwegian Air grounds MAX jets

UPDATED: Troubled Norwegian Air reversed on Tuesday its initial decision announced Monday to keep its fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets “flying as normal,” despite two deadly crashes in the past few months. Now the airline is immediately grounding all 18 MAX 8 jets, and apologizing to passengers. In a press release issued Tuesday […]

Norwegian initially kept MAX jets aloft

UPDATED: Oslo-based Norwegian Air faced more turbulence this week, after the latest deadly crash of a Boeing 737 MAX-8 jet that was similar to those in Norwegian’s fleet. The airline’s already-struggling share price took a dive on Monday and was still down on Tuesday, despite release of figures showing strong passenger growth and improved punctuality. […]