Complaints pile up against Equinor

Environmental organizations and some stock analysts are complaining that troubled state oil company Equinor isn’t disclosing all its carbon emissions to the public and investors. Meanwhile, concerns over cost-cutting and a lack of maintenance at various facilities continue to rise, while Equinor itself has postponed a reopening of its Hammerfest LNG gas plant on the […]

Violations found at Equinor gas plant

Norway’s state oil company Equinor was subjected to yet another grilling this week. State petroleum authority PTIL released the results of its investigation into a major fire at Equinor’s gas plant on the island of Melkøya in Hammerfest, and they uncovered several violations and irregularities. The dramatic fire last year threatened the city just across the water […]

Adrift Dutch ship now under control

A Dutch cargo ship that lost power in a severe storm off Norway’s west coast earlier this week was finally brought under tow in an emergency operation during the night. That avoided what many feared could have been an environmental catastrophe.  Crews from the Norwegian Coast Guard, a Dutch salvage firm and Norway’s search and […]

Cargo ship adrift in stormy seas

Norwegian officials were worrying about serious environmental damage after a Dutch cargo ship floundered in stormy seas off Ålesund on Monday and then lost power. All 12 crew members have since been rescued and the vessel remained adrift on Tuesday, with 350 tons of heavy oil and 50 tons of diesel on board as it […]

Last body found in mudslide debris

Police in the rural community of Ask in Gjerdrum, northeast of Oslo, reported the discovery of a body in the remains of a massive landslide that hit a residential area on December 30. The body is believed to be the last of 10 people missing since the tragedy that resulted in nine fatalities so far. […]

No further probes of oil rig capsize

Norway’s state Auditor General’s office has determined that Norwegian authorities did not sufficiently follow up those who survived the capsizing of the oil platform Alexander Kielland in 1980. They found no basis, however, for a new investigation. The Auditor General (Riksrevisjonen) released its examination of how the authorities handled their responsibilities after the capsizing, which […]

Polar bear attacked man on Svalbard

Another of Norway’s allegedly protected polar bears was shot and killed Tuesday morning after it attacked a man in the Mohn Bay area of eastern Svalbard. Details remained sketchy but the man survived the attack. State broadcaster NRK reported that the man and his companion were picked up by a rescue helicopter and brought back […]

El-scooter rider sentenced to jail

A 48-year-old man who ran down a pedestrian in Oslo last fall while riding an electric scooter at high speed has been sentenced to 18 days in prison and lost his driver’s license for a year. It’s the first case of its kind after years of complaints about the popular scooters. The woman he hit […]

Ill-fated frigate now at the scrapyard

Norway’s once-proud frigate, the Helge Ingstad, arrived at its final destination this week. After being towed over the same waters where it collided with a tanker in late 2018 and then sank, the naval vessel that cost NOK 5 billion is ending its days at a scrapyard in Askøy. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported how the […]

Two more bodies recovered after mudslide

The grim but ongoing search for three people still missing after a fatal mudslide in Gjerdrum just before New Year resulted in discovery of two more victims late Tuesday afternoon. They’d been buried under two meters of the clay-like earth that gave way in the middle of the night on December 30. The search was […]