More wolves shot but ‘not enough’

A few more wolves have been shot in Southern- and Eastern Norway in recent weeks, including one in the mountains above Ringsaker and another in Søndre Land. A total of 12 were authorized to be gunned down in Hedmark, Oslo, Akershus and Østfold, but six have escaped so far. The hunters have until May 31 […]

Polar bear died under sedation

A polar bear that had been sedated and airlifted out of a populated area on Svalbard died last week while being flown by helicopter to an Arctic wilderness area on the Norwegian-run archipelago. Wildlife authorities were at a loss to explain the second polar bear death in as many months. “We don’t know why it […]

Deadly day for wildlife in Norway

A polar bear and four wolves, officially listed as protected species in Norway, were all shot to death on New Year’s Day. The polar bear made the mistake of refusing to wander out of the main settlement on Svalbard, while the wolves were killed by hunters as soon as they received controversial permission to all but […]

Polar bear returns to Longyearbyen

An apparently hungry polar bear has been raising concerns in Longyearbyen, the main settlement on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard that’s administered by Norway. Local authorities thought they’d chased the bear out of town, but this week the bear was back. “We’re asking people to be very careful,” Governor Kjerstin Askholt repeated in a new […]

Wolves shot, both killed and moved

With snow on the ground making it easier to track wolves, Norwegian authorities took to the air this week in another controversial move to control the country’s wolf population. Two wolves were shot and killed, while a third was sedated and moved to a wolf protection zone. State wildlife agency SNO (Statens Naturoppsyn) and the […]

Norway battles wild boar ‘invasion’

Norway is trying to fend off an invasion that neither border guards, police nor the military can stop: Wild boars are crossing the border from Sweden in record numbers. Now both the environmental directorate and the country’s animal and food safety authority are allowing new hunting methods aimed at stopping wild boar from establishing themselves […]

Authorities ease dog disease restrictions

Norway’s animal and food safety authority (Mattilsynet) no longer thinks contact among dogs should be restricted. An outbreak of a mysterious virus that sickened and killed scores of dogs in Norway in recent weeks seems to be over, nor was it deemed to be contagious. “After new analysis and lots of testing we have altered […]

More dogs fall ill with mysterious ailment

State authorities reported that at least 16 more dogs have fallen ill in recent days, eight between Friday and Tuesday of this week, with bloody diarrhea and vomiting. Some viruses have been ruled out but veterinarians still don’t know what’s causing the illness. The latest cases of the illness were reported in Oslo, Akershus, Telemark […]

Dog disease ‘probably not contagious’

UPDATED: Norwegian food and animal authorities reported five new documented cases on Wednesday of the mysterious illness that has killed 26 dogs so far. State veterinarians now don’t think the acute illness is contagious among dogs, however, and Norway’s hunting season that involves lots of dogs was launched as usual. All the new cases involved […]

More autopsies due as more dogs die

Norwegian veterinarians kept struggling over the weekend to find out why so many dogs around Norway have been infected with a potentially fatal illness. Authorities said at least 23 dogs had died as of Sunday and “we must examine more to find out how this (the illness) has spread.” Dr Jorun Jarp of the state […]