Chinese seek asylum in Norway

Norwegian authorities have received around 80 applications for asylum from Chinese citizens this month. State broadcaster NRK reported that they’re all members of China’s persecuted Uighur minority and have arrived in Norway from Turkey. The applications come in addition to a new wave of asylum seekers from Afghanistan that’s also expected to increase. More than […]

Immigration board drops Mustafa appeal

The state commission that reviews immigration cases (UNE) has decided not to appeal a court verdict that it erred in planning to deport a young man who’d been brought to Norway as a small child. Mustafa Hasan, nationally known as simply “Mustafa,” now may be able to remain in Norway, the country in which he […]

Hopes rise for would-be refugees

Several Afghan citizens who worked for Norwegian defense forces in Afghanistan have received emails from Norway’s defense ministry, informing them that their applications for “assistance and/or re-establishment in Norway” have been registered. They’re now hoping they’ll win asylum in Norway after all. Newspaper Klassekampen reported this week that the former Norwegian employees are mostly in […]

Afghan evacuees swiftly resettled

Fully 676 of the 860 Afghans flown under chaotic conditions to Norway last week have already been granted status as refugees, and 243 have been sent to new homes in 30 different Norwegian towns and cities. Several hundred more who worked for Norwegian forces in Afghanistan over the past 20 years, however, couldn’t be evacuated […]

Bombing in Kabul halts evacuations

UPDATED: Norway’s military field hospital inside the airport in Kabul was still operating and busy on Friday, after bomb blasts in and around the Afghan capital’s airport area Thursday afternoon. All Norwegian government personnel still in Afghanistan were accounted for, according to Lt Col Ivar Moen at the Norwegian military’s operative headquarters, but evacuation efforts had […]

Police and special forces sent to Kabul

Norwegian police and members of the military’s special forces have been sent back to Afghanistan, while Norway’s military field hospital in Kabul has to be shut down. The goal is to provide reinforcements and speed work underway to evacuate both Norwegian- and foreign citizens by the Taliban’s deadline of August 31. “It’s extremely demanding there,” […]

Bitter end to being ‘a good NATO ally’

NEWS ANALYSIS: As more flights land in Oslo with evacuees from Afghanistan, there’s no end to the soul-searching over Norway’s involvement in the war-torn country over the past 20 years. Calls have gone out for a new evaluation of the Afghan mission, even after a Norwegian government-appointed commission concluded five years ago that Norway didn’t […]

Evacuees arriving from Afghanistan

UPDATED: The first flights to evacuate both Norwegian and Afghan citizens from Kabul have arrived in Oslo, but hundreds if not thousands more people fleeing the country are expected. Chaos after the withdrawal of NATO allies is complicating the evacuation process, while uncertainty prevails over how many Afghan refugees Norway will be willing to take […]

Norway ‘betraying’ Afghan colleagues

A former chief of the Norwegian Army who went on to become a UN special envoy in the Middle East is accusing Norwegian officials of turning their backs on their former employees in Afghanistan. Retired Lt General Robert Mood claims the Norwegian government has a responsibility for Afghans who helped Norwegians now being pulled out […]

UDI prepares for Afghan refugees

Norwegian immigration agency UDI is preparing for a new wave of asylum seekers from Afghanistan, after the US and NATO pulled out of the war-torn country. Many feel Norway, which took part in NATO’s unsuccessful efforts to stabilize Afghanistan over the past 20 years, has an obligation to take in Afghan refugees. The Islamic terrorist […]