Somalians most satisfied among immigrants

After years of struggling to integrate and being branded as a “problem” group among immigrants in Norway, Somalians now rank as among those most satisfied with their quality of life. A new study by state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) placed them at the top of the list, followed by immigrants from Sri Lanka and […]

Mullah Krekar appears in brown cheese

The annual and often controversial autumn art exhibition known as Høstutstilling has opened in Oslo again, where one piece of art is grabbing particular attention. It’s a bust of Norway’s most troublesome refugee, Mullah Krekar, sculpted from a block of brown goat cheese. Artist Ole Johan Aandal, age 58, claims his sculpture is meant to […]

Critics bash treatment of Somalian refugees

The Norwegian government has determined that Somalia is now safe and instructed immigration officials to deport Somalian refugees who no longer need protection. That’s set off a wave of criticism and complaints from refugee advocates who strongly disagree. Around 1,600 Somalian refugees who lack permanent residence status are the most vulnerable to deportation, and have […]

Population growth slows nationwide

Much lower immigration and fewer births have led to a population growth rate in Norway that’s lower than it’s been for more than a decade. State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) reports that the actual population increase was down by more than 9 percent during the second quarter compared to the same period last year. […]

Murder shakes a small Arctic city

Police in the far northern Norwegian city of Vadsø are baffled and residents stunned by the murder last weekend of a young Norwegian man, fatally stabbed while on duty at a local grocery store. The assailant is also a young man, one of many who fled Afghanistan and sought refuge in Vadsø three years ago, […]

Solberg defends solidarity with EU

Prime Minister Erna Solberg all but dismisses the prospect that her government coalition with the Progress Party will collapse over disagreement on Norway joining an EU plan for managing asylum seekers and migrants. Solberg claims the Progress Party has already committed itself to the principle of European cooperation on migration, in its agreed government platform […]

More Turkish citizens seek asylum

Immigration officials released figures for the first half of this year showing that more citizens of Turkey are seeking asylum in Norway. They claim they’re being persecuted by Turkish officials who continue to crack down on opposition to the country’s increasingly authoritarian government. Most of those seeking asylum say they’ve been tied to the Gülen […]

‘Positive’ attitudes for more refugees

A majority of Norwegians are not opposed to taking in at least as many refugees as Norway already does, according to a new survey. That’s not many, currently around 2,000 a year, but just 23 percent think Norway should take in fewer. The new survey was conducted by research firm Sentio for newspaper Klassekampen. It […]

Solberg willing to take in EU migrants

UPDATED: Prime Minister Erna Solberg wants Norway to contribute to a new EU agreement on how the ongoing stream of refugees and migrants to Europe will be handled. The Liberal Party, which is now part of Solberg’s conservative coalition government, thinks Norway should also take in 5,000 refugees registered through the UN, while the government’s […]

Norway faces own child refugee dispute

While Norwegian politicians joined international outrage over the US’ incarceration of illegal immigrant children this week, they were faced with controversy of their own over the custody and forced returns of young rejected refugees from Afghanistan. Reaction has been fast and furious to the Norwegian government’s attempts to send the mostly male teenagers to a […]