Latest Corona-related news in brief:

NORWEGIAN POLICE WERE BUSY ALL OVER THE COUNTRY during the weekend, as the state’s first phase of re-opening prompted lots of parties that were noisy and exceeded limits on guests allowed in private homes. Warm spring weather also led to outdoor gatherings where social distancing rules weren’t followed. State broadcaster NRK reported Sunday that police […]

Hadeland fears ‘wild’ infection

The scenic rural community of Gran in Hadeland was under a new Corona alert this week after a local man in his 60s tested positive for Covid-19 after he’d died suddenly on Tuesday. Local officials believe the man, who was highly skeptical of the Corona crisis, had been ill for up to two weeks without […]

Holiday took priority over vaccinations

Health officials in some affluent areas of Oslo were shocked when they called local residents to schedule free Corona vaccinations this week, only to be turned down. Many of those they called wanted to wait until later and reschedule, since a vaccination interfered with their plans for Easter breaks at their holiday homes. “There were […]

Oil Minister ill with Covid-19

Norway’s Oil Minister Tina Bru is among the record numbers of Norwegians testing positive for the Corona virus this week. She’d already been in quarantine when her test results arrived on Wednesday. “I feel relatively good, but am also aware that I’m not well,” Bru told newspaper VG on Friday. Bru wrote on her own […]

Few signs of ‘hidden’ Corona infection

A survey of nearly 30,000 Norwegians has revealed surprisingly little “hidden” infection among Norway’s general population. It’s the first good news after weeks of mass testing resulted in record numbers of confirmed Corona virus cases. The experts at state public health institute FHI (Folkehelse-institutt) had feared that the amount of underlying infection among Norwegians who […]

Tough anti-infection rules go nationwide

The Norwegian government cracked down on Corona again Tuesday, announcing that the strictest virus containment measures will now apply nationwide. That means national prohibition against the serving of alcohol and a maximum of two guests in private homes, among other measures. “We know that this will prompt negative reaction in areas where there’s hardly any […]

New AstraZeneca evaluation soon

Norway’s public health institute FHI, responsible for the country’s vaccination program, aims to present a new evaluation of the AstraZeneca vaccine later this week. While a US study concludes the vaccine is safe, Norwegian health officials announced two new deaths over the weekend from blood clots that may be tied to the vaccine. “Some of […]

FHI warns of four vaccine symptoms

Dr Camilla Stoltenberg, head of Norway’s public health institute FHI, is asking those vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine to be on guard  for four symptoms of side-effects that can be dangerous. FHI is, meanwhile, maintaining its supension of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Norway even though European authorities have cleared it for use. FHI’s warning comes […]

No fines for partying Labour politicians

Police in the northern city of Bodø have dropped charges against the Labour Party’s deputy leder, Bjørnar Skjæran, and seven other Labour politicians after they were caught partying in an expensive hotel suite last weekend. Police cited a legal clash between state and local regulations aimed at preventing the spread of the Corona virus. Skjæran […]

Doctors find link to vaccine side-effects

UPDATED: Norwegian medical experts probing the cause of internal hemorrhaging in three vaccinated health care workers have found a link to the AstraZeneca vaccine they’d taken. They believe the vaccine unleashed such a powerful immune system response that it led to blood clotting. “The reason for our patients’ conditions has been found,” Dr Pål Andre […]