Vaccine program due to keep rolling

Even though Norway has at least temporarily halted use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, because of concerns over possible side-effects, state authorities claim the country’s vaccination program won’t come to a halt, too. Other vaccines are on their way, and more of them. “We’re expecting the arrival of many various vaccines to be able to vaccinate […]

Foreign minister allowed to travel

Norway’s strict Corona virus containment rules have kept Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide from traveling, and arguably doing an important part of her job, but now she’s won a special exemption. Søreide will be able to attend NATO’s ministerial meeting in Brussels next week after all, and meet her new American counterpart, US Secretary of […]

Surrounding areas join Oslo shutdown

All 51 municipalities in Norway’s large Viken county that surrounds Oslo are now subject to most of the same strict anti-infection measures that already apply in the capital. The restrictions apply from midnight Monday and will extend until at least April 11. The expanded restrictions in Viken, which extends from the Swedish border in the […]

Top Labour leader embarrasses party

Just as his Labour Party colleague in Oslo was warning the capital of even tougher Corona-related restrictions, deputy Labour leader Bjørnar Skjæran was apologizing profusely on national radio for ignoring Corona containment measures in Bodø. Skjæran admitted that it hadn’t even occurred to him that a Saturday night party in an expensive hotel suite with […]

Hospital outbreak leaves six dead

Norwegian health officials are saddened and deeply disturbed by the deaths of six elderly patients following an outbreak of the Corona virus at a hospital in southeastern Norway. “This is something we have not experienced during the entire Corona year behind us,” said Dr Jon Birger Haug, a specialist in infectious diseases. Newspaper VG reported […]

Many relieved by Oslo’s stricter rules

A new and even harsher crackdown on the Corona virus in Oslo has been met by disappointment and resignation, but also some relief. With infection levels higher than they’ve ever been in the Norwegian capital, most recognize the need for more attempts at control, and teachers especially will be better protected. “This will help calm […]

Ministers land in quarantine

UPDATED: Just hours after Prime Minister Erna Solberg addressed Parliament on the jump in Corona infection in Norway came news that she now needs to go into quarantine herself. Two of her ministers have also landed in quarantine. Newspaper VG reported Tuesday afternoon that Solberg, who addressed Parliament Tuesday morning and then held a press […]

Solberg warns of tougher rules ahead

Prime Minister Erna Solberg addressed the Norwegian Parliament  on the Corona situation Tuesday, and warned of much tougher national rules if virus infection doesn’t decline over the next week or two. Her government refrained from putting any new national measures in force right now, but gave broad latitude for local and regional authorities to crack […]

Corona spoils ski jumper’s championship

Norwegian ski jumper Halvor Egner Granerud was having an outstanding season and favoured at the Nordic Ski World Championships this week, until he tested positive for the Corona virus. The team’s press chief was also sent into isolation and then another Norwegian sports official was found to be breaking the rules by not wearing a […]

High-infection areas to get more vaccine

Faced with more rising Corona infection in specific geographic areas, Health Minister Bent Høie is going along with equally rising calls to redistribute vaccine allotments to those hardest-hit. Oslo and several other areas of southeastern Norway will thus get more vaccine by the end of the month. The recent alarming spikes in Corona infection around […]