Wolf debate ‘blown out of proportion’

It was the wildlife preservationists’ turn on Saturday to demonstrate by the thousands in favour of protecting Norway’s roughly 60 surviving wolves. As their demonstrations to halt a highly controversial wolf hunt took place in towns and cities around the country, researchers claim the debate over wolves in Norway has become unreasonably bitter and is […]

NATO exercise draws protests

The huge NATO exercise that officially begins on Thursday will include a “demonstration of strength” next week that’s drawing protests. Instead of hailing Norway’s and other NATO countries’ ability to defend themselves, opponents claim Norway is merely providing a stage for war games aimed at impressing Western political leaders. The so-called styrkedemonstrasjon (demonstration of strength) […]

Road toll uproar rolled into Oslo

UPDATED: Hundreds of motorists in the Oslo area drove very slowly on the main E18 highway into the Norwegian capital Thursday evening, part of another protest against more and higher road tolls. Their demonstration was the latest grass-roots effort to literally set up roadblocks to another increase in Norway’s already high cost of driving. “We’ve […]

Hundreds marched against Israel

Several hundred people turned out Tuesday evening for a demonstration in Oslo against Israel’s occupation of Palestinian areas. After gathering in front of the Norwegian Parliament they marched up to the Israeli Embassy that’s located right behind Norway’s Royal Palace. The demonstration was organized by a Palestinian organization in Oslo to mark Nakba-dagen, the day […]

Police arrest demonstrators

Police in Oslo arrested around 40 people during the weekend after they launched an unannounced demonstration and disrupted traffic by blocking tram routes. The demonstrators were protesting what they called “Turkey’s genocide” against Kurds in Syria and the media’s coverage of the conflict. The demonstration began when around 50 people assembled outside Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK)’s […]

Hundreds marched against sexual harassment

Hundreds of women, and some men, marched through downtown Oslo on Sunday in a demonstration to display their distress and disgust over sexual harassment, along with some hope for the future. “‘MeToo’ (the international campaign against sexual harassment) is a global gift that must be used correctly,” Norwegian author and comedian Sigrid Bonde Tusvik told […]

Thousands protest gang rape acquittals

Thousands of Norwegians turned out Monday afternoon for demonstrations all over the country against the acquittals of three men who’d been charged with gang raping an 18-year-old woman at a ski resort in Hemsedal two years ago. The protestors were demanding stronger legal rights for women. The three men initially were convicted by a local court […]

Government chided over Armenia

Norwegian polar and humanitarian hero Fridtjof Nansen is hailed on a stamp in Armenia, but now the Norwegian government is being assailed for its failure to join 22 other countries and the Pope in acknowledging claims that Armenians were subject to genocide 100 years ago. As Armenian supporters, including one of Nansen’s descendants, prepared to march through the streets […]

Anti-extremists win massive support

The prime minister, leaders of all Norwegian political parties and thousands of others were joining Norwegian Muslims who mobilized last week to demonstrate on Monday against Islamic extremist group IS and local group Profetens Ummah. “Enough’s enough,” claimed one of many Norwegian Muslims who accuse the extremists of “kidnapping” their religion to suit their own bloody ends. “They’re […]

Police braced for pro-Israel rally

UPDATED: Police patrols were extensive around a demonstration in support of Israel in Oslo on Sunday. The demonstration took place in front of the Norwegian Parliament in downtown Oslo, and attracted an estimated 400-500 people. Police told news bureau NTB that they’d received no applications of any counter-demonstrations to the event planned by the pro-Israeli organization MIFF […]