Historians puzzled after statue razed

Norwegian officials were surprised and saddened by news that the statue of a Norwegian-American anti-slavery activist is among the latest to be toppled and dumped in a river by demonstrators in the US state of Wisconsin. Hans Christian Heg opposed slavery and fought for the Union Army during the Civil War. “I must say I […]

Sparks fly over Koran burning in Kristiansand

Turkey’s foreign ministry has issued a formal complaint following a demonstration in Norway’s southern city of Kristiansand over the weekend, during which an anti-Islamic organization burned a copy of the Koran. “We strongly condemn the disrespect for our holy book,” reads the press release from Turkey. Turkish officials, citing concern over a rise in discrimination […]

Local Kurds blast Norway’s response to Turkey

Kurdish residents of Norway are calling on Norwegian officials to demand more of their NATO ally Turkey, and stop being so “passive” regarding Turkey’s recent invasion of Kurdish territory in Syria. The calls come as they plan more demonstrations this weekend after protesting in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Fredrikstad since early last month. One […]

Kurds’ demonstrations peaceful this time

The latest in a series of demonstrations by groups opposing Turkey’s military offensive in Northern Syria were carried out during the weekend, this time without incidents. Similar demonstrations last weekend ended in rioting after pro-Turkish demonstrators challenged the Kurds. Saturday marked the fourth weekend in a row that the organizations UngKurd Norge (Young Kurds in […]

Storm stops oil drilling protest

Stormy seas and bad weather prevented climate and environmental activists from trying to stop a large drilling rig’s controversial oil exploration efforts near a sensitive coral reef off Helgeland on Thursday. The German oil company that chartered the rig is undaunted by all the protests, and reported that drilling was getting underway. “First we’ll drill […]

Police unprepared for weekend riot

The US Embassy had managed to warn its own citizens in Oslo of potentially violent demonstrations outside the Turkish Embassy on Saturday. Local police, however, failed to do the same, and ended up admitting on Sunday that they were not prepared for how demonstrations by two groups in conflict with one another quickly escalated into […]

Solberg heckled by climate demonstrators

When Prime Minister Erna Solberg formally re-opened the Museum of Natural History in Bergen on Monday, demonstrators were on hand to protest her government’s climate and environmental policy. They held signs shaped like gravestones and featuring extinct and threatened birds, plants and animals. Police kept the demonstrators from the international organization Extinction Rebellion at bay […]

Climate protesters target Yara

Another large Norwegian company has become the target of protesters who blame it for furthering climate change. Oslo-based fertilizer firm Yara had to call in police to fend off around 500 demonstrators keen to shut down the company’s office near Hamburg. The group known as “Free the Soil” is angry with Yara over its role […]

Protests persist after top Chinese visit

NEWS ANALYSIS: What does this man and his Chinese government colleagues want from Norway? Many suspect more influence in the Arctic, lucrative trade deals and tacit acceptance of their authoritarian regime after Li Zhanshu, China’s third most-powerful leader, visited Oslo and Stavanger last week. Protests and angry questions are still flying after both Norwegian and […]

MP accuses China of ‘manipulation’

UPDATED: “It’s clear China has manipulated us,” declared a Member of Parliament to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on Tuesday afternoon. MP Petter Eide was responding to NRK’s report about how the Chinese Embassy in Oslo managed to prevent Amnesty International from mounting a protest when China’s third most-powerful man visits the Norwegian Parliament on Wednesday. Eide […]