‘Master plan’ for climate draws flak

The Norwegian government rolled out its new “master plan” for meeting climate goals on Friday, just a day after state meteorologists confirmed that last year was Norway’s warmest ever. The plan for cutting the emissions blamed for climate change met an immediate storm of criticism, but also some praise. Opposition parties complained that the government’s […]

Arctic oil prevails over ‘The People’

Norway’s Supreme Court (Høyesterett) ruled in favour of the state on Tuesday in a long-running landmark case billed as pitting “The People vs Arctic Oil.” In this case, the state was not “The People” but instead the government-approved Arctic oil operations that once again won over Norwegians’ alleged constitutional rights to a healthy environment. It marked […]

Norway no longer ‘best place to live’

NEWS ANALYSIS: Oil has long fueled Norway’s hugely successful welfare state, but now it’s helped knock the country off the top of the UN’s annual list of the world’s best places to live, when adjusted for “planetary pressures.” The UN is now taking countries’ carbon footprints and their impact on consumption into account, and both are […]

Equinor’s refinery ‘leaking for years’

Norwegian state oil company Equinor is having to deal with even more bad news, following release of an internal report on chronic leaks from its sprawling refinery at Mongstad on Norway’s west coast. Equinor now risks criminal charges from state environmental authorities, and admits to not knowing how much oil has leaked into the ground […]

High court ponders future of Arctic oil

Opponents of offshore oil activity in Norway’s Arctic areas received flowers to mark the end last week of their landmark case against the state at the Supreme Court. As the high court’s deliberations began, the plaintiffs were cheered by earlier signs of royal support, not least after some harsh closing arguments. The case has received lots […]

Anti-wolf regions sabotage fundraiser

Around 20 rural communities around Norway were being branded as petty and divisive heading into the weekend, because of their announced plans to boycott the country’s major annual television fundraiser on Sunday. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is the organization selected to receive funds raised to help rid the seas of plastics, but several rural politicians […]

Oslo on hold for carbon capture

They’re billing it as “the biggest climate project in Norwegian industry ever,” but the government’s long-awaited carbon capture, transport and storage plan could have been even bigger. Carbon emissions may now only be captured at the Norcem cement plant near Porsgrunn, meaning carbon capture at the Fortum recycling plant in Oslo will have to wait for […]

40 arrested after climate, oil protests

Climate activists were out early in Oslo on Monday morning, to demonstrate against Norway’s pro-oil policies and the government’s failure to declare a climate crisis. By midday, police had arrested around 40 people taking part in various demonstrations around the city. The demonstrations came just as another oil company active on Norway’s continental shelf, Wintershall […]

Beavers move from the forest into town

After nearly becoming extinct in the late 1800s, Norway’s beaver population is now estimated to number more than 70,000. After making their mark in local forests around Oslo, some have even started moving into town, startling visitors to the Frogner Park and even residents of the city’s trendy Grünerløkka neighbourhood. They’ve long been altering the […]

Illegal emissions at Equinor gas plant

State oil company Equinor’s large natural gas plant at Melkøya outside Hammerfest has reported illegal emissions and pollution every year for the past 10 years. There haven’t been any punitive consequences, however, apart from official reminders that compliance is expected. Newspaper Finnmark Dagblad reported on the illegal emissions last weekend, and the national media has […]