Auditor slams oil safety regulator

Environmental activists were alarmed this week, after Norway’s state auditor general’s office all but blasted Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority (Petroleumstilsynet, PTIL) for not doing a better job. The highly critical report of the regulatory agency, which was even worse than environmental activists had expected, comes just as Norway’s Oil Ministry has granted a record number […]

Norway hands out more oil licenses

While his colleagues in Parliament were reeling over a report on poor regulation of Norway’s offshore installations, and another shows that most young Norwegians oppose more oil exploration, Norwegian Oil Minister Kjell-Børge Freiberg was busy and visibly proud to be handing out a record number of new offshore oil and gas exploration licenses in Norwegian […]

Wolf debate ‘blown out of proportion’

It was the wildlife preservationists’ turn on Saturday to demonstrate by the thousands in favour of protecting Norway’s roughly 60 surviving wolves. As their demonstrations to halt a highly controversial wolf hunt took place in towns and cities around the country, researchers claim the debate over wolves in Norway has become unreasonably bitter and is […]

Anti-wolf activists howl in Oslo again

Killing two more wolves on New Year’s Day wasn’t enough to satisfy those who view the predator as a threat to their livestock or safety in the great outdoors. Nor is the fact that more wolves are being shot than ever before. Anti-wolf activists, mostly farmers and residents of rural areas, marched through Oslo again […]

Conflicts fly behind ‘Green Capital’ year

NEWS ANALYSIS: Oslo’s political leaders were basking in the spotlight on Friday, ready to officially kick off the city’s year of being hailed as Europe’s “Green Capital” in 2019. Muttering in the background are critics who claim it’s all just a big show that’s costing residents and taxpayers dearly. The critics are not limited to […]

Pollution fears rise around Svalbard

A particularly senstive area of Svalbard was under threat of oil pollution this week, after a trawler grounded in bad weather in a remote northern area of the Norwegian-administered island group in the Arctic. On board the trawler are 300,000 liters of diesel oil that may start to leak. “One drop of diesel that makes […]

Oslo prepares to protect its wolves

Oslo city officials are making moves to protect predators in the vast forests surrounding the Norwegian capital. Many residents have reacted positively to wolves in their midst, in contrast to the fear that pervades rural areas. Newspaper Dagsavisen reports that more wolves have been tracked down in Oslo’s eastern forest known as Østmarka and the […]

Climate debate will still flare in Norway

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway nurtures an environmentally conscious image, but the country still has a long way to go in tackling its own climate challenges. Its oil and gas companies, offshore sector, farmers, airline passengers and commuters have a lot more changes to make if the country is to meet the climate goals to which it’s […]

Climate agreement still ‘not enough’

Norway’s climate and environment minister, Ola Elvestuen, admits that it was “difficult to find a balance” among the 196 countries that finally hammered out new rules over the weekend for enforcing reductions in carbon emissions. Reaction was decidedly mixed. “The agreement is an important step, but it’s not enough,” Elvestuen told news bureau NTB. “The […]

Norway falls in climate rankings

Norway’s Climate and Environment Minister Ola Elvestuen was worried before he traveled to the UN’s climate summit in Poland this week, and he had good reason to be. While he voiced concern over “too many disagreements” among participating nations, Norway itself hasn’t done very well in cutting its own carbon emissions, and tumbled in new […]