Weekend fire leaves two dead

A fire described as “explosive” destroyed three residential buildings at Lierstranda near Dramman during the weekend, killing two occupants, injuring another and threatening a couple with a newborn baby. Maria Sætervik Johansen, who gave birth to a baby boy last Monday, told her partner she noticed “strange light” while up in the middle of the […]

Dry weather sparks brush fire warnings

Warnings are up all over Southern Norway of unusually high forest and brush fire danger. Several fires have already raged out of control, and there’s a total ban on campfires or other outdoor burning from now until September 15. One unfortunate farmer in Rogaland on Norway’s West Coast inadvertently set off a brush fire while […]

Mobile phone caught fire in a car

Police reported during the night that a man was rushed to hospital in Østfold after he escaped from his burning car. He told police that his mobile phone had suddenly caught fire while he was driving. Police told state broadcaster NRK that the man had managed to pull over and get out of his burning […]

Fire, explosions closed metro stations

A fire that broke out in one of the Oslo metro system’s main tunnels during the night set off explosions that also caused damage at the public transport hub at Helsfyr on the city’s east side. Metro (T-bane) stations at Helsfyr, Ensjø and Løren were all closed Monday morning, making it difficult for tens of […]

Four cars burned in residential area

Godlia is an otherwise quiet, well-established residential neighbourhood on Oslo’s east side, known for white picket fences and nice homes. Late Saturday night, however, four cars parked on the same street suddenly began to burn. State broadcaster NRK reported that Arvid Ellingsen was among those awakened just before 3am Sunday by the sound of an […]

Campers blamed for new forest fire

Firefighters think careless campers started a fire that continued to rage out of control at Birkenes, just north of Kristiansand in Southern Norway on Friday. The firefighters were working day and night to gain control over the flames, and expected to spend most of the weekend trying to fully extinguish them. “There’s a lot that […]

Hot, dry weather ‘isn’t fun anymore’

Summer arrived in May in Southern Norway, and its record high temperatures have stuck around ever since. The initial joy of blue skies and sunshine, day after day, now seems to be wearing off, replaced by complaints and concerns over a drought that’s affecting more than just the farmers. “What’s more wonderful than swimming, sunbathing […]

Forest fires keep breaking out

Nine new forest fires were burning Tuesday morning in Setesdal, the long valley stretching from Kristiansand in the south up to the mountains in the north. The fires are in addition to the dozens already burning or brought under control in the midst of Norway’s severe drought. “We’re putting a priority on four or five […]

Lightning sets off 100 forest fires

UPDATED: More than 100 forest and brush fires were burning all over Southern Norway, some of them out of control, on Thursday afternoon and evening. Extremely dry conditions and strong winds were posing huge challenges for emergency crews. State broadcaster NRK reported fires in the Agder counties, Telemark, Vestfold, Østfold, Buskerud, Hedmark and Oppland. NRK […]

Trains spark fires again

Trains on the rail line between Oslo and Gjøvik, which is used by thousands of commuters, ground to a halt again on Monday after a braking train set off sparks that ignited tinder dry shrubbery and grass along the tracks. The fires were extinguished before any evacuations of residents along the tracks at Nittedal were […]