Støre closing in on Erna Solberg’s job

Backed by more favourable polls both for his Labour Party and himself, Jonas Gahr Støre seems to be closing in on his goal over the past six years: to take over as Norway’s next prime minister. It’s looking more and more likely that Støre will be able to replace the Conservatives’ Erna Solberg and form […]

Solberg starts to reopen Norway

Prime Minister Erna Solberg followed, as expected, state health authorities’ recommendations to begin reopening Norway from Friday, April 16. Many areas including Oslo, however, will likely remain subject to local regulations that are still stricter than national rules. “We will need to live with local restrictions for a long time,” Solberg said at a press […]

Prime minister fined and agrees to pay

NEWS ANALYSIS: “The law is the same for everyone, but not everyone is the same,” said a local Norwegian police chief, Ole B Sæverud, on Friday. That’s why only Prime Minister Erna Solberg is being fined (NOK 20,000) in connection with her 60th birthday party, arranged by her husband, that violated her own government’s strict […]

Erna lays plans to emerge from crisis

Prime Minister Erna Solberg presented a new four-step plan on Wednesday to gradually guide Norway out of the Corona crisis over the next three months. The current shutdown may start to ease from next week, with some sort of pre-Corona normality in place by mid- to late summer. Solberg stressed throughout her lengthy and surprisingly […]

Leader defends ‘radical’ agenda

Just before taking off on maternity leave, Greens leader Une Bastholm has had to fend off lots of negative reaction to the new platform hammered out by her party during the weekend. The Greens’ agenda has been deemed both far too radical and authoritarian by potential government partners. Bastholm has hoped to cooperate with both […]

Oil Minister ill with Covid-19

Norway’s Oil Minister Tina Bru is among the record numbers of Norwegians testing positive for the Corona virus this week. She’d already been in quarantine when her test results arrived on Wednesday. “I feel relatively good, but am also aware that I’m not well,” Bru told newspaper VG on Friday. Bru wrote on her own […]

Ministers land in quarantine

UPDATED: Just hours after Prime Minister Erna Solberg addressed Parliament on the jump in Corona infection in Norway came news that she now needs to go into quarantine herself. Two of her ministers have also landed in quarantine. Newspaper VG reported Tuesday afternoon that Solberg, who addressed Parliament Tuesday morning and then held a press […]

Solberg warns of tougher rules ahead

Prime Minister Erna Solberg addressed the Norwegian Parliament  on the Corona situation Tuesday, and warned of much tougher national rules if virus infection doesn’t decline over the next week or two. Her government refrained from putting any new national measures in force right now, but gave broad latitude for local and regional authorities to crack […]

Norway keeps its borders closed

The Norwegian government is once again following health authorities’ advice and keeping its borders closed through the end of February. Dr Bjørn Guldvog, head of the state health directorate, stressed, however, that Norway is in a good position and normality can return by the end of July. “In 100 to 150 days everything will be […]

Thumbs down for curfew in Norway

Justice Minister Monica Mæland confirmed on Wednesday that the government won’t resort to curfews to control Corona virus infection, at least not now. She defended the government’s need to explore the option, however, after that decision alone was met with widespread criticism during a hearing round that just ended. Mæland said at a press conference […]