Støre optimistic as coalition talks begin

Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre will be eagerly heading for a hotel north of Oslo on Thursday with the Center- and Socialist Left (SV) party leaders. Both accepted his invitation to “exploratory talks” about forming a new left-center government, and Støre seems convinced “we share much more than that which divides us.” Together they’d […]

Støre meets with potential partners

By Thursday afternoon, the man set to become Norway’s next prime minister had met with both of his most likely partners in a new left-center government. Jonas Gahr Støre will need to use all his well-known diplomatic skills to form his favoured coalition, given all the differences between the Center and Socialist Left parties and […]

Solberg to carry on in Parliament

Prime Minister Erna Solberg isn’t about to let the defeat of her Conservative Party in Monday’s election spoil her political plans or career. She formally “advised” King Harald V on Tuesday to contact Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre and ask him to form a new government, while she intends to remain leader of her […]

Høie ‘uneasy’ over new Corona record

Health Minister Bent Høie now admits to being “uneasy” about the record numbers of new Corona cases being registered in Norway, mostly among young Norwegians who have returned to far more open schools in recent weeks. An additional 1,415 cases of Corona infection were confirmed heading into the weekend, another record high since the pandemic […]

Speculation swirls as fall election nears

NEWS ANALYSIS: It seems like the most favourite topic in Norwegian media lately is speculation over what Norway’s government will look like after this fall’s parliamentary election. Parties making up the current conservative government coalition are lagging badly in the polls, but the left-center side is divided by conflict and two very different candidates of […]

‘Embarrassing’ energy plan unveiled

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Norwegian government worked hard this week to put the best possible spin on its oil and energy plans for the future, while also learning that Norway’s carbon emissions have actually been higher than previously reported. “This is embarrassing and now it’s full alarm,” claimed the leader of Norway’s chapter of Friends of […]

Voters likely to opt for new government

NEWS ANALYSIS: Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, often branded as a populist leader of his rural-oriented Center Party, finally confirmed his ambitions to be Norway’s new prime minister over the weekend. That still may be a long shot, but public opinion polls now also confirm that the left-center side of Norwegian politics has far more support than […]

Norway drops frigate lawsuit

The Norwegian defense ministry has withdrawn its lawsuit against classification society DNV in the wake of its frigate Helge Ingstad’s sinking in November 2018. The ministry had blamed DNV, but the state’s own accident investigation board later blamed poor training of the frigate’s crew instead. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Thursday on how the defense ministry’s […]

MPs quarrel over vaccination priority

NEWS ANALYSIS: A government decision late last week to give priority in the vaccination queue to Members of Parliament, judges and a few hundred other public officials (including themselves) has set off heated debate. Now several MPs and Health Minister Bent Høie himself have declined the offer to get vaccinated earlier than their age group […]

Spy scandal soils Parliament’s leader

UPDATED: The president of the Norwegian Parliament, Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen, has been subject to scathing criticism after she made sure that an embarrassing report on Norway’s military intelligence agency was kept secret. She’s supposed to champion openness, but her double vote against declassifying the report helped keep the results of a probe into the agency’s […]