Market slides amid oil price drama

The last day of trading prior to Norway’s five-day Easter holidays ended with the Oslo Stock Exchange’s main index falling 1.34 percent, to 734.38. The Norwegian market once again was influenced by an oil price drama that wasn’t resolved by closing time, and also involved controversial calls for tax breaks from the country’s biggest and […]

Norway cleared to gradually reopen

Prime Minister Erna Solberg held another press conference on Tuesday, and had some welcome news: Norway can gradually begin to reopen from April 20, even though most Corona virus containment measures will remain in effect. Solberg gamely admitted at the outset that the measures her government put in force on March 12 “have demanded a […]

Large parties jump during virus crisis

Norway’s Labour and Conservative parties have both attracted many more voters during the Corona crisis, according to a new public opinion poll. Their gains come at the expense of other smaller parties, not least four that now, quipped one commentator, seem to require intensive care. All four of them (the Reds, the Greens, the Christian […]

More billions roll into crisis funding

NEWS ANALYSIS: It took years of debate before Norwegian politicians agreed to spend a few billion kroner on projects like a new gateway airport or national museum. Now those pricetags seem like small change compared to the hundreds of billions of state funding committed during just the past two weeks, to offset the ill effects […]

Corona pits region against region

Norwegians have been pulling together in recent weeks to limit the spread of the Corona virus, with one new survey showing that 90 percent support the state government’s Corona containment measures. Local officials, however, have also been setting their own quarantine rules that disrupt business and industry, pit regions against one another and put them […]

Norway finally rid of Mullah Krekar

Norway’s most troublesome refugee, best known as Mullah Krekar, was extradited to Italy during the night. Justice Minister Monica Mæland confirmed the extradition, which greatly upset Krekar’s longtime defense attorney. “Krekar is no longer in Norway,” Mæland announced at a midday press conference on Thursday. She added that Krekar was “delivered to Italy,” where he […]

Parliament reined in the government

The Norwegian Parliament refused to entirely go along with the government’s request for emergency powers during the Corona virus crisis. In an unusual session held on Saturday, opposition parties “took control over crisis management” but all nine parties in both Parliament and the government agreed in the end. The government was granted the emergency powers […]

Lawsuit can halt plans to tear down ‘Y-blokka’

Opponents of plans to tear down a low-rise concrete building in Norway’s government complex, which was bombed by a right-wing extremist in 2011, have sued the state ministry in charge. They claim the state has refused to carry out a thorough process by failing to listen to their objections. The plaintiffs include the state and […]

Government seeks emergency powers

Vowing that they won’t be abused or exploited, Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced on Wednesday that her government is pursuing its legal right to invoke emergency powers. That will allow her ministers to set aside laws as needed in their efforts to control the Corona virus and its devastating effect on the country and, not […]

State rides to the Corona rescue

The usually quarreling parties in Parliament set aside political differences on Monday and got the government to further sweeten its economic crisis package for Norwegian businesses and workers. After working through the night, they announced unprecedented measures to help get Norway through its biggest national emergency since World War II. As the Oslo Stock Exchange […]