‘Look to Norway?’ Not right now…

NEWS ANALYSIS: Many Norwegians are proud of how the legendary US president, Franklin D Roosevelt, once urged Americans to “look to Norway” for inspiration during World War II. Now many may hope the world is looking the other way, amidst drama and scandal in the Norwegian Parliament that’s undermining the traditional confidence Norwegians have in […]

New Corona rules ‘not good enough’

Doctors at over-burdened Norwegian hospitals were not pleased when the new government rolled out what it claimed were stricter Corona containment measures on Friday. “They won’t even demand that people use face masks,” Dr Ole Kristian Fossum, head of the intensive care ward at Akershus University Hospital just outside Oslo, complained to state broadcaster NRK […]

Budget battle tests new government

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and his new Labour-Center minority government is being put to the test this week, over its newly revised, proposed and much-criticized state budget proposal. Negotiations over how Norway should raise and spend its taxpayers’ money will also set the tone for whatever solidarity exists on the left side of Norwegian […]

Now Norway’s own climate fight looms

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway supports the dramatic outcome of the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, with Norwegian officials insisting it’s “major step in the right direction” and environmentalists calling it “better than nothing.” Perhaps that’s all that could be expected in an oil-producing nation with a government that, even in the midst of the Glasgow […]

Forced mergers can be reversed

Norway’s new Labour-Center government is busy offering to reverse mergers that were forced upon many counties and municipalities by the former Conservatives-led government. Warnings are also going out, however, that breaking up can be expensive. Local governments around the country have been told that they can apply for the equivalent of divorce, but only until […]

New anti-Corona measures after all

After weeks of rising Corona infection in Norway, and dubious new records set just in the past few days, the Norwegian government is finally imposing some new national virus containment measures. The government will also offer a third vaccination booster shot to everyone over age 18 during the course of next year. Prime Minister Jonas Gahr […]

‘Police need help’ in a nervous Oslo

A recent rash of shootings, robberies and now even another threatening situation in broad daylight have suddenly raised questions about how safe a city Oslo really is. Norway’s new justice minister, poised to spread more police funding outside of Oslo, insists it is, while others claim the capital’s resources for law and order are spread […]

Støre accused of more ‘blah, blah…’

NEWS ANALYSIS: Halfway through the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Norway is still mostly throwing more money at others to cut emissions while literally fueling them at home. The oil-producing country’s new government may even get away with it, once again. In his first international appearance in Glasgow last week as Norway’s prime minister, […]

Norway bids ‘adieu’ to ‘au pair’ system

New Labour Minister Hadia Tajik is keen to scrap the country’s long-criticized “au pair” system, on the grounds it exploits young people from abroad who work in Norwegian homes. The government has now proposed phasing out the system entirely, and seems likely to win majority support in the Norwegian Parliament. The au pair system is […]

Norway braced for battle in Glasgow

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s new Labour prime minister headed for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow that opened on Monday, armed with more Norwegian petrokroner and promises that his oil-producing nation will meet its climate goals. Jonas Gahr Støre and others in the Norwegian delegation know, however, that their credibility is at stake and […]