Opposition grows to anti-Corona efforts

Health Minister Bent Høie joked in Parliament recently about how the government is trying to enforce Norway’s Corona virus containment measures. The restrictions are still mild compared to many other countries, but Høie now faces serious challenges in maintaining public support for them. He wasn’t smiling at all after around 150 people demonstrated in front […]

Norway braces for new Corona rules

“I am worried,” declared Prime Minister Erna Solberg at yet another government press conference on the Corona crisis Friday afternoon. She warned Norwegians to brace for a new round of tougher Corona-related restrictions, all aimed at hindering the spread of the Corona virus. Solberg started off her presentation with a rundown of all the new […]

Corona truce over, budget battle begins

Finance Minister Jan Tore Sanner presented his first state budget on behalf of the government on Wednesday, claiming it was aimed at bringing Norway out of the Corona virus crisis. Opposition parties led off by Labour briefly acknowledged how they’ve cooperated on doing just that, before attacking the proposed budget for allegedly increasing social differences […]

Labour limps into crucial new session

NEWS ANALYSIS: As Parliament launched into its new session on Monday, Norway’s once-mighty Labour Party is down in the dumps. Not even a new party program that tried hard to set Labour apart from its rivals has managed to win support, leaving the party with its worst poll result ever just when parliamentary debate began. […]

Small party braves a new EU storm

Norway’s small Liberal Party (Venstre) has a new leader and a new agenda that has made it the country’s first to switch sides on the thorny issue of membership in the European Union (EU). The goal is to attract new voters, even though a majority of Norwegians still oppose EU membership. Guri Melby was confirmed […]

Government eases some restrictions

The Norwegian government has eased some Corona containment measures on a national basis, on the condition that local restrictions will be put in place in the event of virus outbreaks. It means that areas with low infection rates will have more freedom to allow, for example, up to 600 spectators at outdoor sporting events. Prime […]

More Corona aid for a ‘fragile’ economy

NEWS ANALYSIS: Government ministers handed out more packages of Corona crisis aid this week, in an effort to avoid bankruptcies and preserve jobs. The need for all the emergency funding and financial support shows just how fragile the Norwegian economy has become.  Rising Corona infection rates lately have put a new chill on Norway’s traditionally […]

Solberg rallies her troops, carefully

Prime Minister Erna Solberg could finally gather her Conservative Party (Høyre) colleagues for their annual national meeting on Friday, and she’s keen for them to bulldoze their way towards re-election next fall. The meeting comes six months after Solberg had to shut down much of the country to contain the Corona virus, but now she’s back […]

Trial uncomfortable for Progress Party

NEWS ANALYSIS: A sensational court trial that began in Oslo this week directly involves top politicians for the conservative Progress Party, and reveals both close ties and conflicts amongst them and their partners. It’s all been branded as “uncomfortable” by one of Progress’ many former government ministers, who’s already been shown to have leaked information […]

Norway promises aid to Lebanon

Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide has expressed the Norwegian government’s sympathy for the victims of Tuesday’s explosion in Beirut that killed at least 135 people, injured hundreds more and left hundreds of thousands homeless. Søreide promised emergency aid on top of the NOK 470 million already has sent to Lebanon this year. As Lebanese citizens […]