NAV scandal hits EØS expats hard

Expatriate workers in Norway who come from EU and European Economic Area (EØS) countries have also been hit hard by Norwegian welfare agency NAV’s misinterpretation of EU and EØS rules. Many of them have been wrongly stopped from traveling home when they’re sick or even to just visit family or attend a funeral, for fear […]

NAV’s welfare scandal expands

More than a thousand potential claims have already rolled into Norway’s embattled state welfare agency NAV, while state legal experts believe the actual number of wrongly convicted NAV clients has risen from 48 to at least 79. Prime Minister Erna Solberg stressed again over the weekend that the state will make up for its wrongdoing, […]

State won’t reel in fish-farming tax

A Norwegian professor hooked a new proposal this week to more heavily tax the country’s highly lucrative fish-farming operations. Norway’s conservative government and a majority in Parliament seem unlikely to reel it in but debate was flying, even before wealthy and indignant salmon producers dismissed higher taxes as “a Russian solution” fueled by envy. Quickly […]

NAV scandal spoils prosecutor’s debut

Just as he took over his new high-ranking post as Norway’s state prosecutor, Jørn Sigurd Maurud had to declare a conflict of interest. He won’t be able to have anything to do with the legal aftermath of Norway’s biggest welfare and judicial scandal ever, since he lives with the Labour Party politician who was in […]

Government sorry for welfare scandal

Expectations were high when Norway’s government minister in charge of labour and social welfare strode to the podium in Parliament Tuesday morning. Anniken Hauglie responded by issuing an official apology to all those wrongly accused of swindling the welfare system, and she promised full compensation for their losses. Hauglie also promised a full external investigation […]

NAV scandal linked to EØS ignorance

As Norway wrestles with its biggest welfare scandal ever, legal experts claim that the real scandal extends far beyond state welfare agency NAV. They stress that it shows just how poorly Norwegian politicians, bureaucrats and prosecutors understand and interpret the European (EØS) regulations they’re supposed to follow, or what their consequences really are. “This is […]

Welfare scandal shakes a nation

NEWS ANALYSIS: It didn’t take Norwegian media outlets long to find and interview real victims of an unprecedented scandal that’s still unfolding at Norway’s state welfare agency NAV. As headlines like “I was viewed as a criminal” splashed over newspapers’ front pages on Wednesday, and women wrongly convicted of welfare fraud cried on national newscasts, […]

Thunberg shames Norwegian leaders

Young Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg shamed Norwegian and other Nordic leaders once again on Tuesday when she refused to accept the Nordic Council’s environmental prize. She scolded the leaders of all the Nordic countries, for having “the possibility to do the most” to reverse climate change, but “basically” doing nothing. Thunberg called the award […]

Liberals lose their climate credibility

Veteran environmentalist Frederic Hauge has joined the ranks of those giving up on Norway’s embattled Liberal Party. He and fellow activist Gaute Eiterjord claim the party has lost whatever credibility it had left this week when its deputy leader Ola Elvestuen, who serves as Climate and Environment Minister, refused to block oil drilling near an […]

Welfare recipients wrongly convicted

Norway’s state welfare agency NAV has erred in its intepretation of how welfare payments can be received while residing abroad. Nearly 40 people have thus been wrongly convicted for alleged violations, leading to what one top commentator was calling a “scandal of major proportions.” The welfare payments include sick pay and unemployment benefits paid to […]