‘Light at the end of the Corona tunnel’

That’s how Norwegian Health Minister Bent Høie expressed reason for optimism on Friday, when announcing that the state will likely be able to offer free Corona virus vaccinations to more than a million Norwegians during the first three months of the New Year. Høie confirmed that Norway is due to receive up to 2.5 million […]

EFTA questions quarantine hotels

Debate has been swirling around Norway’s new “quarantine hotels” that opened last month, right after the country’s Corona virus containment measures were tightened. Now the European Free Trade Association’s surveillance authority (ESA) is questioning whether mandatory quarantine at the hotels complies with its rules that Norway is also obliged to follow. The EU itself is […]

Vedum emerges as premier candidate

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norwegians woke up Wednesday morning to news that the leader of the formerly small, protectionist and (some claim) populist Center Party is now in the running to be their next prime minister. Trygve Slagsvold Vedum refuses to discuss the possibility, but a new poll shows his party can now claim nearly as many […]

Høie preparing stricter Corona rules

Health Minister Bent Høie confirmed on Tuesday that the government will be rolling out even stricter Corona rules later this week, aimed at halting or least slowing down Norway’s suddenly rapid rate of infection. “Now it’s serious,” Høie said at the government’s press conference on Tuesday. The decision to issue a new Corona crackdown comes […]

Equinor cleans up for its new CEO

NEWS ANALYSIS: Troubled state oil and energy company Equinor has resorted to a major clean-up of its finances, operations and even personnel before new CEO Anders Opedal officially takes over on Monday. The company has taken more huge losses on its disastrous US oil investments, reduced its oil price expectations and is soon expected to […]

Parliament makes defense demands

UPDATED: Members of the opposition in Parliament have begun presenting their own demands for changes in the government’s latest long-term defense plan. Among them: a larger military presence in Northern Norway and hundreds of new defense employees. Both the Norwegian officers’ federation (Norges Offisersforbund) and all opposition parties in Parliament have claimed that the long-term […]

Arctic oil losses report withheld

Norway’s Oil & Energy Ministry knew as early as 2013, when it was under the political control of former Oil Minister Ola Borten Moe, that already-controversial oil exploration in Norway’s Arctic could also generate huge losses. Moe’s ministry nonetheless withheld information about the potential losses from Parliament, which ultimately voted to allow Arctic oil drilling […]

Opposition grows to anti-Corona efforts

Health Minister Bent Høie joked in Parliament recently about how the government is trying to enforce Norway’s Corona virus containment measures. The restrictions are still mild compared to many other countries, but Høie now faces serious challenges in maintaining public support for them. He wasn’t smiling at all after around 150 people demonstrated in front […]

Norway braces for new Corona rules

“I am worried,” declared Prime Minister Erna Solberg at yet another government press conference on the Corona crisis Friday afternoon. She warned Norwegians to brace for a new round of tougher Corona-related restrictions, all aimed at hindering the spread of the Corona virus. Solberg started off her presentation with a rundown of all the new […]

Corona truce over, budget battle begins

Finance Minister Jan Tore Sanner presented his first state budget on behalf of the government on Wednesday, claiming it was aimed at bringing Norway out of the Corona virus crisis. Opposition parties led off by Labour briefly acknowledged how they’ve cooperated on doing just that, before attacking the proposed budget for allegedly increasing social differences […]