NATO’s Stoltenberg scolds homeland

Jens Stoltenberg addressed the annual conference hosted by Norway’s employers’ organization NHO many times when he held government power in the country. This week he was back in his role as secretary general of NATO, and he wasn’t at all pleased with his homeland’s defense spending. His address to Norway’s business leaders, top politicians and […]

Alarms ring around government talks

NEWS ANALYSIS: They were all smiles just a week ago, when the leaders of Norway’s four non-socialist parties launched talks in earnest to form an expanded government coalition. Now alarms are ringing over some deep disagreements among them, just as the left-center opposition parties in Parliament claim another majority in the latest public opinion polls. […]

Permission granted to shoot another wolf

State authorities have given hunters in Norway’s northernmost county of Finnmark permission to shoot and kill a third wolf this winter. They claim there’s an unusual number of wolves in Finnmark at present, and they’re blamed for attacking more than 60 reindeer and free-grazing sheep last year. Newspaper Sør-Varanger avis reported Tuesday that hunters can […]

MPs face stricter rules for travel

Norway’s Parliament has imposed stricter accounting rules on MPs claiming travel expenses, just before another Progress Party politician was found to have submitted questionable compensation claims. The new rules require more documentation, but it’s still up to the politicians themselves to decide whether a trip and its costs can be justified. Helge André Njåstad, a […]

Anti-wolf activists howl in Oslo again

Killing two more wolves on New Year’s Day wasn’t enough to satisfy those who view the predator as a threat to their livestock or safety in the great outdoors. Nor is the fact that more wolves are being shot than ever before. Anti-wolf activists, mostly farmers and residents of rural areas, marched through Oslo again […]

Scandal-plagued building opens

Members of the Norwegian Parliament have now received new office- and meeting-room space, along with an expanded garage and post terminal, but at a very high price. Huge budget overruns and construction delays cost the politicians no small degree of voter confidence, but the new president of the Parliament hopes the damage can be repaired. […]

Sami president hails cultural pride

Norway’s Sami population faces another important year ahead, claimed the president of Sametinget (The Sami Parliament), Aili Keskitalo, in her traditional New Year’s address this week. She led off her speech by hailing a 96-year-old woman for bravely shaking off years of Norwegian indoctrination, and reviving her Sami heritage after 70 years of suppressing it. […]

Solberg takes off for India

Prime Minister Erna Solberg will be taking a break from negotiations to expand her government this weekend, when she flies off on an official visit to India. The visit was planned long before the Christian Democrats finally decided to consider joining Solberg’s non-socialist government coalition. The visit is scheduled over two days, January 7 and […]

Solberg closing in on expanded power

“I believe we can find good solutions,” declared Prime Minister Erna Solberg as she gathered top officials from Norway’s three other non-socialist political parties on Wednesday outside an historic inn on a wintry hillside in Hadeland. She and her coalition partners got right down to work after the New Year holiday weekend, in the hopes […]

More wolves shot amid boycott fears

Around 130 hunters in eastern Norway spent New Year’s Day stalking and quickly killing two more wolves, after conservationists failed to obtain an injunction to halt it. One legal expert has warned that the highly controversial wolf hunt exposes Norway to international boycotts of export products and services. Norway’s wolf hunts, demanded mostly by farmers […]