May Day launched election campaigns

Thousands of Norwegians turned out all over the country for traditional workers’ rallies and parades on their May 1st Labour Day holiday. Top city officials in Oslo, meanwhile, used the occasion to launch their political campaigns for re-election this fall. “Dear comrades!” bellowed Raymond Johansen from the podium at Youngstorget, a central square in Oslo […]

Sunniest Easter holidays in years

Millions of Norwegians returned to work and school on Tuesday, after the sunniest and, according to officials in Norway, least eventful Easter holidays in years. Police reported that there wasn’t even any major traffic congestion either on the exodus over the Palm Sunday weekend or the return this past weekend. There were few if any […]

Royals headed for the hills

King Harald and Queen Sonja are among the hundreds of thousands of Norwegians who’ve traveled to higher elevations to spend the Easter holidays in the mountains. The royals have their own family cabin known as Prinsehytta in Sikkilsdalen, in the mountains just west of Gudbrandsdalen. “Sikkilsdalen is very important for us,” King Harald said during […]

Oslo, Trønder folks most eager to ski

Most Norwegians still enjoy heading out on a ski trip, especially those living in Oslo and the country’s central region of Trøndelag. New figures from state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) indicates, however, that the classic winter sport has become somewhat less popular in recent years. SSB compared responses for the years 2011, 2014 and […]

Climate concerns don’t halt travel

Millions of Norwegians are officially off for Norway’s long five-day Easter holiday weekend that began on Thursday, with more than half of them out travelling within the country or heading abroad. There’s little sign they’re sacrificing holiday travel out of concern for the climate or the carbon emissions that flying and driving can generate. Oslo’s […]

Sunny holiday week settles over Norway

It’s highly unusual when the weather forecast charts for most of Norway are covered by suns, with the exception of some clouds in the far north. State meteorologists, however, were predicting a sunny week ahead when hundreds of thousands of Norwegians took off Friday for traditional Easter holidays. Schools are closed until the Tuesday after […]

Robbers resort to matchsticks

Police in Porsgrunn, southwest of Oslo, think local bands of burglars are casing out homes to check for long-term absence with the help of matchsticks. With the Easter holidays looming next week, homeowners are urged to take precautions. Several living in a Porgsrunn neighbourhood discovered pieces of matchsticks propped into their doorjams or window casings. […]

NSB teased in April Fool’s Day jokes

A few Norwegian transport operators celebrated April Fool’s Day on Monday by claiming they were changing their names – all in a humorous jab at state railway NSB, which really is changing its name in an expensive move many wish was a joke. Norwegian media, meanwhile, have largely dropped their tradition of publishing fictional April […]

‘Winter holiday’ is the new Easter

The first week of Norway’s traditional winter holiday began on Monday, but with temperatures well above the freezing point even in many mountain areas, it’s resembling spring much more than winter. Some are calling it “the new Easter,” which itself comes so late this year that many may be heading abroad instead of out skiing. […]

New Year fireworks injure 16

Despite lots of warnings over the risks of setting off private fireworks, and bans on them in central urban areas, 16 people suffered severe eye injuries on New Year’s Eve. Now some political parties want to ban them entirely. The cities’ major public fireworks displays aren’t enough for those who insist on setting off their […]