Hurtigruten ship latest to run aground

The coastal voyage Hurtigruten ship Nord Norge was still tied up at Skjervøy in Northern Norway on Tuesday after it grounded just after its scheduled departure Monday night. The ship wouldn’t sail until inspectors could examine its hull. The vessel was heading southbound on its way to Tromsø when it hit ran aground but it was […]

British investors board Hurtigruten

British investment firm TDR Capital has made a surprise offer to acquire Norway’s iconic coastal shipping line known as Hurtigruten, with Norwegian businessmen Trygve Hegnar and Petter Stordalen as hangers-on. Hegnar is currently Hurtigruten’s largest shareholder, controlling a third of its stock, and is also chairman of the board. If the proposed deal goes through, […]

Smoother seas for Hurtigruten

Norway’s iconic coastal shipping line known as Hurtigruten reported strong passenger growth during the second quarter of the year, generating a welcome jump in pre-tax profits. The shipping line earlier has struggled to maintain profitability in the face of rising costs and weather-related setbacks. The company reported an 18 percent increase in profits to NOK […]

More illness on Hurtigruten ship

Another serious bout of tummy trouble broke out on board a vessel in the Norwegian coastal Hurtigruten shipping line this week. State broadcaster NRK reported that the vessel was heading into Bergen on Wednesday to be disinfected. Both passengers and crew on board the vessel Richard With have suffered from a digestive ailment, confirmed Stein Lillebo […]

Hurtigruten suspects cockroach sabotage

A guest on board the Norwegian coastal voyage vessel MS Nordlys, part of the Hurtigruten fleet, told a  Tromsø newspaper over the weekend that he first thought he’d seen a mouse, but it turned out to be large cockroach on the panorama deck. Then a second large roach was found, and Hurtigruten officials have now […]

Smoother sailing for Hurtigruten

Norway’s coastal passenger shipping line Hurtigruten has reported much stronger results from its operations last year, compared to the year before. Profits would have been even better if it hadn’t been for stormy weather along the coast that disrupted operations. Investors, however, weren’t impressed. Even though Hurtigruten’s operating profit grew by NOK 83 million, it still […]

New storm halted Hurtigruten

Yet another severe storm, this time with hurricane-force winds, swept over Northern Norway on Tuesday. The weather was so bad, and the seas so rough, that the Hurtigruten ship Nord-Norge turned around after leaving Hammerfest, and headed back to safe harbour. The ship was rocked so badly in the storm that the captain of the […]

Stinky fish halted Hurtigruten

The captain of one of Norway’s classic Hurtigruten coastal vessels had to evacuate 70 passengers after they all woke up to a terrible stink on Tuesday. Water used to clean a cargo hold that had stored salted fish accidentally flooded into passenger cabins, making them anything but hospitable. “There were around 600 liters of the […]

Smoother seas for Hurtigruten

Norway’s famed coastal shipping line Hurtigruten could report some improved results last week but continues to face booking challenges during the winter season. Bookings from European passengers were also said to be tough, given economic problems on the continent. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that the legendary shipping line, however, logged its best operating result […]

Classic ‘Lofoten’ calls at Lofoten

PHOTO FEATURE: As the Easter holidays settled in, there was no break for the “Hurtigruten” vessels that sail up and down the Norwegian coast. We spotted several calling at Svolvær in Lofoten over the weekend, including the classic old ‘MS Lofoten,’ which still plies the route between Bergen and Kirkenes and berthed once again in […]